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Nimrod the Empire Builder: Architect of Shock and Awe (Book)

SKU: S1972


Nimrod was a powerful king who built a kingdom.

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One character who has fascinated readers of the Bible greatly is Nimrod, whose brief biography is hidden away in Genesis 10. He was a powerful king who built a kingdom in southern Mesopotamia, then expanded it northward by conquering and building up cities in Assyria. Since Moses wrote about Nimrod before his death in 1406 BC, the options are limited for the identity of this ancient Near Eastern empire builder. Historical evidence from archaeology, ancient texts, and ancient drawings points to only one man who fits the description of biblical Nimrod. In this book, Dr. Petrovich attempts to weed out the wrongly identified candidates and prove to the reader just who in history can be equated confidently with Nimrod the empire builder.

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 200 pages