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October 2016 Prophetic Observer

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Remembering 9/11:

Hell Visits the United States

by Noah Hutchings

World Trade Center attack on 9-11Hillary Rodham Clinton, senator from New York, commented on national television in regards to her first sighting of the devastation created by the terrorist attack on the Twin Trade Towers, "I think that this must be something that Hell is like."

While we are thankful that Senator Clinton has a fear of Hell, if Hell is indeed like the holocaust in the aftermath of the World Trade Towers catastrophe or perhaps many times worse, this object lesson should result in millions seeking God for salvation.

On two occasions when I was in New York I had dinner in the penthouse of one of the Twin Trade Towers. The view was fantastic—billions of lights as far as the eye could see—the Statue of Liberty all lit up below—hundreds of ships in the harbor from all over the world. This was the very heart of world trade and commerce.

In World War II the ship carrying the sixteen 90-millimeter anti-aircraft guns along with radar equipment for our battalion, joined a one hundred fifty-ship convoy at Hollandia, New Guinea. The convoy proceeded northward to Luzon in the Philippines, protected on the outer ring by destroyers and cruisers. Every ship in the convoy bristled with anti-aircraft guns. As the convoy rounded Bataan Peninsula, approximately one hundred Japanese planes came out to attack. The planes were piloted by kamikaze (divine wind) pilots. Out of the three years in the Pacific war theater, the next thirty minutes remain in my memory as the most dramatic. Diving through a black curtain of anti-aircraft bursts, the suicide pilots intentionally aimed their planes at our ships. Few got through and only about five or six ships were hit, but it was an amazing display of human sacrifice for Emperor Hirohito. Japanese pilots would weep if they were not selected for such suicide missions.

If Japan could employ the psychology of religious fanaticism to program thousands of pilots to commit suicide for its cause, it should not surprise us that the eighteen Islamic terrorists who died in the insane attack on the Pentagon and the World Trade Towers died for their cause. This will encourage thousands of other Muslim men to follow them. The war of terrorism, born in the Middle East from the hatreds of Ishmael and Esau against everything that is of God, may have just begun. Jessica Stern in her book, The Ultimate Terrorist, makes the observation: "It is even possible for a heroin addict to escape and be cured, but there is no escape for a terrorist in the Islamic Jihad."

The Victims

According to the latest reports at the writing of this article, each of the eighteen terrorists took three hundred Americans with them. We would imagine the Islamic fanatics would trade these odds willingly. As late as September 18, the estimate of the dead within the rubble of the destroyed buildings remained at approximately five thousand, five hundred. To dig out the dead from the ruins, and subsequent burials, encompasses tremendous suffering, heartache, grief, and sorrow. The pain of the family survivors was felt and mourned in many nations around the world.

On July 27, 1976, an earthquake of eight-plus on the Richter scale hit Tangshan, China, about sixty miles east of Beijing on the coast. Reports indicated that one million died in that earthquake. Official statistics reported 255,000, but China often minimizes its catastrophes. I was in Tangshan not long afterward, and saw the mile-long ditches where the dead were dumped and covered. There was nothing else that could be done—too many dead. Other nations, including the United States, have suffered thousands of fatalities in floods, storms, earthquakes, and wars, and yet survived. Our nation is strong and we will survive the Islamic suicide terrorists. New York City will bury its dead and become even stronger and a more vibrant city, if God so wills.

Who Is to Blame?

There is a rush to judgment in blaming someone, other than the terrorists, for this profane and evil happening. Some have blamed the FBI, the CIA, past administration, the airlines, etc. While there is enough blame to go around, the major blame is our immigration policies, in which our politicians, our clergy, our news media, and education system, bear an equal share. The globalists within our midst have determined to mongrelize our nation and turn it into another Babel. This has been done without a protest, lest those who protest be called racists. This nation was settled by immigrants, but these were immigrants seeking freedom to worship the Lord Jesus Christ in peace and to enjoy the work of their own hands. We quote from a 1999 study of the Center for Immigration Studies:

"The immigrant population is growing six and one-half times faster than the native-born population. The number of immigrants living in the United States has almost tripled since 1970, from 9.6 million to 26.3 million. As a percentage of the U.S. population, immigrants have more than doubled, from 4.8 percent in 1970 to 9.8 percent in 1998. By historical standards, the number of immigrants living in the United States is unprecedented. Immigration has become the determinate factor in population growth … and represents 42 percent of the 20.4 million increase in total U.S. population since 1990. … Births to immigrant women are equal to 70% of the increase in the U.S. population in the 1990s; 31% of the high school dropouts are immigrants. The proportion of immigrant households receiving welfare is 30% to 50% higher than of natives."

Additional statistics report that there are now over 7 million illegal immigrants living in the United States; 3 million of these are from Mexico. The U.S. Census Bureau lists the nations from which the U.S. receives the most immigrants, but no Middle East countries, individually or collectively, are listed. The Census Bureau, in the charts presented that we have seen, skip from the last nation, Korea with 589,000 U.S. immigrants, to the total figure of 26 million. Has the U.S. government hidden the number of Muslims allowed into this country? It would seen so.

According to reported figures, there are 7.5 million Middle East immigrants (almost one hundred percent Muslim) in the United States, but almost an equal number on visas or student permits. There are an approximate twenty thousand immigrants from the Middle East in Oklahoma City alone. In automobile service facilities, hotels, motels, and several other service businesses, at least fifty percent of the clerks or attendants will be Muslims from some Middle Eastern country—Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, etc. But … what difference does it make where immigrants are from: Mexico, Southeast Asia, Africa, Central or South America?

The difference is that immigrants from the Middle East are Muslims. They may be hard workers, courteous, polite, and even honest in money matters, but most are still members of a militant religion that places loyalty to the brotherhood of that religion above everything else, including national citizenship.

Quoting from page 9 of The Islamic Invasion by Dr. Robert Morey:

"USA Today on February 6, 1991, placed on its first two pages the result of a survey it took of Arab Muslims living in the United States concerning their attitude toward the Allied war against Saddam Hussein. The results were startling. When asked, 'Are you willing to have your son or daughter fight for the United States in this war?' 82% of American Arab Muslims said no. Only 18% of those surveyed were willing to back America in the war against Iraq. The survey went on to state that over half of American Arab Muslims said they would not support a U.S. war on any Arab nation."

Muslim naturalized citizens take an oath, like all other naturalized citizens, to defend our Constitution and our nation against all enemies. All Muslim naturalized citizens should be asked the question again, and if they answer they will not defend this nation against Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Libya, or Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist army, then send them back to the nation where they came from.

Is There a Difference?

Yes! We hear the patented line that most Muslims are patriotic citizens, and would never do anything to harm the United States. And, having traveled extensively in most Arab countries, I have found that most Muslims, like Americans, would like to live in the United States. Dr. Halit Ucan, our guide in Turkey, got his doctorate from Arizona State University. He called us immediately after the attack on the World Trade Towers to offer his sympathy, and related that all sporting events had been cancelled and a day of mourning and all flags were at half-staff for the victims of the attack in New York and the United States. It is believed that Turkey is a reliable friend of the United States, and the only Muslim nation that is friendly to Israel. However, freedom to preach Christ in Turkey is extremely limited, and as far as I know, there is not a single church or Christian assembly in Turkey.

There are a few Christian, native churches in Syria, Jordan, and Iraq, but the Christian witness in all Muslim countries where any remain is dwindling. When I first went to Jordan, the population was listed as 15 percent Christian; today 5 percent. The vast majority of the Muslims in the United States are not going to overtly commit terrorist acts, but many would give moral support and possibly money or information to help those who do. In the example of the eighteen Twin Towers terrorists, such an operation demands local support and logistics.

Islamic spokesmen piously contend that these Middle East terrorists are not Muslims, because the Koran forbids the killing of innocent people. If so, then why has not a single authoritative source condemned Islamic terrorist attacks in the past in which thousands of innocent people have been murdered? Thousands of Islamic clerics in Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Algeria, Malaysia, and Israel have incited terrorists to kill more and more Jews and Americans.

I have brought out several times on our daily program that the bigger the lake, the bigger and more numerous the fish. The more. Muslims there are in this country means that there are more people in the United States with religious and family ties with our enemies. This gives the terrorists, who would like to kill, murder, and pillage, greater opportunity to accomplish their evil and profane mission.

Osama Bin Laden, recognized as the mastermind behind most of the terrorist activity against the United States, is the member of a wealthy, oil-rich family in Saudi Arabia. Reports say Bin Laden was offended by infidels (Americans) defiling the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia, so he personally decided to declare war against the United States. His family, probably for business and defensive reasons, sent Bin Laden abroad with $300 million. Since that time, this angry fanatic has trained over five thousand terrorists in camps located in Afghanistan. These terrorists are now spread around the world in strategic places. They are called "sleepers," supported by money from Bin Laden, most in cash, to pay for cars, rent, food, and special education like the Muslim pilots who go to flying schools to learn to fly our passenger jets. This cash either comes through money laundering—some from drugs, some from Bin Laden, and some from Muslims in this country. It is evident that the $300 million that Bin Laden got originally from his family is only a drop in the bucket of that needed. Besides sources mentioned above, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and possibly at least a dozen other Arab states contributes to the "destroy the Big Satan, America, fund." It should be remembered that it is not what Americans do that angers Islamic fundamentalists; it is what we are—a free and independent culture. They accuse us of trying to McDonaldize the world.

No one can even guess how many "terrorist sleepers" are in sensitive positions in this country: airports, dams, laboratories, utilities, or even nuclear facilities. The news media and some political potato heads mourn over the placing of Japanese immigrants on the West Coast in special detention camps after Pearl Harbor. Having fought in World War II, this was the smartest thing our nation could have done. We were in a war to the death. We certainly do not even entertain the idea of putting Arab or Muslim immigrants in such camps.

Many Muslims in this country, and even here in Oklahoma City, were overjoyed and danced in the streets at the news of the evil deed in killing over five thousand people by Islamic terrorists. Even so, many Arab immigrants and/or American Muslims are vehemently against terrorism and they are patriotic citizens. So we cannot accuse every Muslim of being against the United States. Nevertheless, while not every Muslim is a terrorist or a terrorist supporter, almost every terrorist today is a Muslim.

Who Will Stand With the United States?

The United States would not support a terrorist organization, based on U.S. soil, that would send weapons and agents into other nations to wage proxy war and kill innocent civilians. Yet, this is exactly what most Arab nations do. When the terrorist act, or support is traced to that country, they will protest and say, "Oh, it wasn’t us. It was Bin Laden, Hamas, or the Islamic Jihad, etc." This is why President Bush stated that nations that harbor and supported terrorists are just as guilty and will suffer like retribution.

In the initial hours of trauma after the destruction of the World Trade Towers, some forty nations pledged to aid President Bush's intended war on terrorism. However, we have to remember that these were centers for "world business," and some reports indicated there were five hundred from England, two hundred from France, and some from fifty or more nations who were victims.

Most European nations, and NATO, either offered or passed resolutions pledging support. The United States has fought to help England, France, and the other European allies in two world wars and more recently in the Balkans. However, it is questionable when push comes to shove just how much help Europe will cough up when self-interests are threatened. Also, in spite of racial and historical affinities, Europe has never forgiven the United States for winning the Revolutionary War of 1776. Professor Anthony Hort, co-worker with Professor Brooke Westcott (both of Cambridge) who revised the Textus Receptus, the new base text for the NIV and other contemporary Bible versions, stated:

"Whatever people may say to the contrary, the American Empire is a standing menace to the whole civilization of Europe, and sooner or later one or the other must perish. … Surely, if every Babylon or Rome were rightly cursed, it cannot be wrong to desire and pray from the bottom of one's heart that the American union be shivered to pieces" (Fenton John Anthony Hort’s Letters, Vol. 2, pg. 458).

China has given lip service in offering to help, but China has a large Muslim population in the West and probably would like to see the U.S. weakened, as would Putin of Russia. In the 1980s there was not a single case of smallpox in the world. In an agreement, both countries were to destroy their smallpox virus banks, and then this one plague of mankind would never rise again. In 1992, just before the U.S. was getting ready to destroy the smallpox virus, the chief biological scientist in Russia defected, and brought the disturbing news that Russia had already incubated, using eggs, twenty tons of the virus to dump onto the United States, because if we destroyed our virus, we could not develop a vaccine. Russia has subsequently sold this virus, as well as nuclear materials, to some Arab states, including Iran and Iraq. This is just how far we can trust Russia.

There are already warnings from some about going too far, so maybe we will just knock a few rocks off of some mountain in Afghanistan and go back to business as usual. Alexander the Great warned those who would invade Afghanistan to just go around it. The only thing Alexander got from Afghanistan was Roxanne, and I doubt if American boys would have great affinity for Afghan women. I personally think the only friend we can count on in the war against terrorism is Israel and possibly Canada and England. Probably the only way to get to Bin Laden in this impossibly landlocked rugged country, surrounded by sympathetic Islamic states, is with nuclear weapons.

Mystery Babylon

I have been to the Babylon on the Euphrates as restored by Saddam Hussein. This Babylon we know. It is no mystery. It cannot be the "Mystery Babylon" of Revelation 18. The Babylon of Revelation is the greatest commercial city that exists in the last days. In world importance, it is comparable to the Babylon of Nebuchadnezzar's day. Of Mystery Babylon of the end time, we read:

"And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her and lament for her, when they shall sew the smoke of her burning. Standing afar off for the fear of her torment, saying, Alas, alas that great city Babylon that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her, for no man buyeth their merchandise any more" (Revelation 18:9-11).

It grieves my soul to even make a comparison between Revelation 18 and what happened to New York City on September 11, 2001. Nevertheless, the similarities are striking. New York City is the greatest commercial port city in the world. It is traditionally called "The Babylon on the Hudson." Across the bay is Babylon, New York, part of the metro complex. The fall of the Twin Trade Towers, symbols of world commerce, fell within one hour, and on television we saw thousands upon thousands around the world joining in mourning this awful tragedy. Many prophecies in the Bible are conditional, like Jonah's declaration, "Forty days and Nineveh will be destroyed." Nineveh repented, and the city was spared. New York City, or the entire nation, does not have to be Mystery Babylon.

It is true we have forsaken God in many ways. We no longer allow our children to pray and read the Bible in public schools. We have allowed the killing of the unborn. Few of our churches now worship the Lord Jesus Christ as both Savior and Creator of all things in Heaven and on earth. We have become a sinful and wicked nation. But our time for repenting before God and seeking His forgiveness is short.

A Turning Point?

I was disturbed because the Name of Jesus Christ was not mentioned or honored more in the prayers and ceremonies after the Manhattan tragedy. However, our president did seek help from God out of the Scriptures. Many in Congress did attend a prayer service in the Capitol Rotunda. Churches and individual Christians across the nation were called upon to pray and seek God's help and comfort, and it was so good to hear our people once again stand up and declare that it was good to be an American. Just maybe God will hear us as a nation, seeking His forgiveness, and help. If so, then those who died at the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon, as well as those innocent souls on the airplane, will not have died in vain.

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land" (2 Chronicles 7:14).

(Reprinted from the October 2001 issue of Prophetic Observer.)