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Pagan Traditions of the Holidays – David Ingraham

SKU: H825


Dr. David Ingraham explores the origins of Easter, Christmas, and Halloween!

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Pagan Traditions of the Holidays – David Ingraham

You wouldn’t dream of dabbling with idolatry, would you?

You have NEVER embraced witchcraft and the occult, have you?

Surely the Easter bunny, the Christmas Tree, and the black cat of Halloween are innocent ways of enjoying the holidays, aren’t they?

Not sure? Then let this book answer your questions and let it raise a few of its own. Dr. David A. Ingraham spent years researching the biblical origins, practices, and contemporary remnants of paganism. His message is as important for God’s people today as the words of the prophets in Bible times. In fact, his message IS the indictment of Scripture of those practices of the holiday season we should discard. Come see for yourself the opposition the Lord has waged against heathen practices.

You’ll want to ask yourself these important questions:

  • Does God oppose some of the things I do to celebrate the holiday season?
  • If so, which practices, and WHY?