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Panorama of Creation Zoom

Panorama of Creation

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    Author: Dr. Carl Baugh

    Man's rebellious nature has perpetrated the greatest lie in history. Evolution asks us to believe the unbelievable, while creation is portrayed as a myth.

    In this book, Dr. Carl Baugh scientifically proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that special creation is the only scientific explanation for man's existence on this planet.

    • FACT: Before the great flood, the world was encased in a compressed water canopy in which the hydrogen atoms bonded to form a superconductive firmament, bathing the world in pink-dominated light.
    • FACT: Before the great flood, the oxygen content of the atmosphere was much greater than it is today to allow for bigger animals, and a higher oxygen content in the water made possible abundant marine life of enormous sizes.
    • FACT: Before the great flood, plant life was much larger and possessed higher vitamin and mineral content to sustain large life forms like the dinosaur.

    Dr. Carl Baugh is the founder and director of Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose, Texas, and is internationally known as a minister and special creation speaker. He holds a Master's degree in archaeology and a Ph.D in education, both from Pacific College of Graduate Studies. Dr. Baugh's television program, "Creation in the 21st Century," is the number-one rated show on TBN.

    95-page book

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