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Questions and Answers About Islam – Larry Spargimino

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Larry Spargimino answers questions about Islam.

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Questions and Answers About Islam

In the seventh century, Muhammad claimed the angel Gabriel visited him. During these angelic visitations, which continued for about 23 years until Muhammad’s death, the angel purportedly revealed to Muhammad the words of Allah (the Arabic word for “God” used by Muslims). These dictated revelations compose the Koran, Islam’s holy book. Islam means “submission,” deriving from a root word that means “peace.” The word Muslim means “one who submits to Allah.”

Today, many people have questions about Islam. In this booklet, Dr. Larry Spargimino answers listeners questions about those “who submit to Allah.”

  • What ethnic and national groups hold to the Islamic faith and how do the Arabs fit into the picture?
  • Who was Muhammad?
  • What is the Koran and what do Muslims believe about it?
  • Does the Koran disagree with the Bible?
  • How do you explain the growth of Islam?
  • What do Muslims believe about Jesus?
  • What does the Koran teach about those who are outside the Muslim faith?
  • Does Islam teach terrorism?

Dr. Spargimino answers these questions and more!