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Reach For Your Promise Land


And the days of Terah were two hundred and five years: and Terah died in Haran.” Genesis 11:32

Terah, Abram, Lot, and Sarai left Ur of Chaldees and headed to Canaan. They journeyed about 400 miles. Scripture tells us they came unto Haran and dwelt there. Haran means “mountains.” This verse tells us Terah, the father of Abram, died in Haran. He never made it over the mountains.

Before they reached the mountains, Sarai was barren. Then, as Abram followed his father on the other side of the mountains, he was blessed, and Sarai was fruitful. Even though Abram’s father started the journey with them, he never finished the journey to see the blessing nor the fruitfulness, let alone Canaan.

Today as you read this, maybe you are facing mountains that seem insurmountable. You have had friends, loved ones, coworkers, kids, and even spouses that have had every intention of making the journey with you fall out and drop off like flies at the first mountain, hill, or bump in the road that came along.

While those around you have the best of intentions, it seems they weren’t cut out for the climb, ascent, rise, increase, or growth. Somewhere along the journey, voyage, or fight they lost their balance, momentum, and/or life.

Don’t allow their stumbling, quitting, or as our scripture says, “death,” stop you from reaching your blessing, promise, promotion, or advancement.  To reach your Promised Land, you must traverse through new elevations, heights, altitudes, and summits.

Everyone is not going to make it to the destination of the blessing and fruitfulness you have been promised by God. Don’t stop because they have fallen off or by the wayside. Keep walking. The blessing is on the other side of the mountains.

Our prayer for you this week: Don’t let the climb, quitters, or fallen keep you from crossing your mountains to victory.

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Josh Shields

Josh Shields and his wife, Janice, founded New Life Church in Berryville, Arkansas in 2011, where he continues to be the residing pastor. He formerly served in different pastoral positions throughout the state of Arkansas and has ministered at various churches, conferences, conventions, and venues throughout the nation. He began his ministry in 1983 at the age of 16, feeling the call at a young age to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He enjoys every opportunity to share Jesus with others through his ministry by speaking, preaching, singing, and writing weekly articles/posts.

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