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Real Forgiveness (DVD) Michael Samuel Smith

SKU: X1553


Michael Samuel Smith teaches biblical forgiveness.

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Real Forgiveness (DVD) Michael Samuel Smith

The purpose of this video is to educate the viewer about the subject of forgiveness and what the Bible has to say about it. You will see several Bible stories you have read before in a surprising new light and learn little-known facts and hidden prophecies along the way.

The video starts with the very first story of forgiveness: Adam and Eve. After that, we really get into the Cain and Abel story. You will learn the name of the first city in the Bible and even find out who built it. The first prophet in the Bible will also be revealed, a fact few people know.

In another segment, we will see a whole new dimension of a very familiar story. When the Apostle Peter asked Jesus how many times he must forgive someone, there is actually a prophecy embedded there.

Next, we cover the woman caught in the act of adultery found in John Chapter 8. Remember when Jesus wrote something in the sand? Have you ever wondered what He wrote? We will tell you what we believe He wrote in the sand and explain why the Pharisees walked away in the order of their ages. You will see how this story is more than just a lesson about forgiveness. It also symbolizes a very important last-days prophecy that will come true at that very location.

In our final segment, we share the unbelievable story of Holocaust survivor Corrie Ten Boom. Her amazing experience truly demonstrates what real forgiveness is all about.

This DVD is an excellent tool that could be watched in a Sunday school class or Bible study with friends and family.