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Satan’s 10 Most Believable Lies (Book and CD Set) Dave Breese

SKU: G756

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This collection features the book and audio CD set for Satan’s 10 Most Believable Lies by Dave Breese.

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Satan’s 10 Most Believable Lies (Book and CD Set) Dave Breese

Satanic activity on earth takes many forms. His overt activities – witchcraft, sorcery, and related occult practices – are well-known in many circles. But more devastating may be his covert attacks on unsuspecting victims. While Satan’s public activity has deceived millions, he has led astray other millions with false doctrine. Satan’s 10 Most Believable Lies describes ten of the enemy’s false doctrines. Each chapter defines a satanic lie and compares it to the truth found in Scripture. Learn to avoid falling into the pit of deception, as well as how to fight each lie.

Author Dave Breese reveals the truth about these ten satanic lies:

  1. God Is a Cosmic Sadist
  2. God Is a Liar
  3. Man Is God’s Slave
  4. Man Serves God Only for Human Rewards
  5. Adversity Results in Turning from God
  6. This Life Is Everything
  7. God Is a Magician Working Miracles on Demand
  8. God’s Promises Are for Our Worldly Profit
  9. Satan’s Way Is the Best Way
  10. God Has No Purpose for Your Life

Active, strong resistance is the way to defeat Satan. Strengthen your faith and put on the armor of God to resist the pervading influence of false doctrine from the prince of darkness.

David William Breese (October 14, 1926 – May 3, 2002) was a noted pastor, author, and lecturer. He was the host of the King is Coming television program and he was heard on the nationwide radio programs Pause for Good News and Dave Breese Reports. Dave was an early leader in Youth for Christ and was also influential in the establishment of the AWANA Youth Association. He traveled extensively and preached in over 50 countries of the world and on every continent. He was widely regarded as an expert on Bible Prophecy. Although he has slipped from the bonds of human life into the shining presence of the Lord, his legacy continues through his books and Bible studies.