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Satan’s 12 Apostates Book and Audio Gift Offer

SKU: G1024


When you take advantage of this gift offer you will get:

The Book Satan’s 12 Apostates by Dr. Lubrett Hargrove

8 Messages on 4 CD’s in it’s entirety that originally aired in 1987 by David F. Webber

As bonus you will get  The book by David F. Webber, Heaven and Hell

In stock

Satan’s 12 Apostates: $20

Christ and His 12 Apostles made history – and benefited mankind for centuries to come. It’s just as possible that Satan, always a flawed imitator of God, used the services of his own 12 – 12 Apostates, in perpetrating his crimes on Earth. Lubrett Hargrove has pinpointed 12 men in Bible history, who “turned from the truth,” and just may have qualified to be one of Satan’s 12 apostates. Readers will better comprehend the complexity and dangers of the modern world in light of the cautionary tales of these men who turned from the truth and joined Satan’s forces. Now is the time to decide whose side we are on.

Heaven and Hell: $15

In Dr. David F. Webber’s book, Heaven and Hell, he will explore exactly what happens when you die. Dr. Webber unpacks the answer to that question and takes his readers on an unforgettable journey into the spirit world of good and evil.

Also included 4 CD’s of David F. Webber reading the book from 1987