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Schwab and the Global Elite

The controversies of modern life continue to swirl with ever-growing consequences.

Disagreements and differences of opinion – even about truth itself – are as old as mankind. So, too, are the inevitable questions that surface alongside revelations of the sometimes nefarious schemes often at the root of the mysterious, hidden machinations of the rich and powerful.

Many of those questions seem to be precipitously dismissed as frivolous or unworthy of an answer, and routinely labeled as “conspiracy theories,” especially as the growing weight of political correctness is brought to bear on almost every topic.

Perhaps no issue in modern times has been subjected to that treatment more than the COVID-19 pandemic.

And one of the biggest lightning rods rising into the stormy conspiracy tempest is the World Economic Forum, which just concluded its yearly international meeting in Davos, Switzerland. That meeting featured notable – some might say infamous – individuals and officials from around the world, including vice presidents and former candidates for president from the U.S., along with leading media figures. Many of the statements emanating from the forum have caused widespread concern and criticism.

Long dissatisfied with the dearth of answers and dependable information, Pastor Billy Crone of Sunrise Bible Church in Henderson, Nev., has produced a four-DVD project, Klaus Schwab: The Third Reich and the COVID-19 Holocaust, which delves into the background of the WEF founder and executive chairman, along with many public statements and plans openly promoted on the organization’s website and in messaging campaigns.

The eight-hour Get a Life Ministries documentary is the first sequel to Beyond COVID: The Global Elite’s Plan for Humans 2.0. Crone traces numerous direct connections from the WEF to the worldwide illness he terms the “plandemic,” as the ongoing disclosure of more information implicates leaders and agencies with far more culpability than has thus far been acknowledged.

Crone is no longer a lonely figure raising concerns and doubts about the accuracy and validity of public information. Many highly respected reporters and columnists have joined the effort, especially over the past year, researching and reporting on the COVID debacle from many angles.

An increasing number of reports and stories have focused on the relevant elements – mandates, lack of adequate testing, inaccurate reporting, mistaken extrapolation of data, omissions, changing of definitions, marketing and messaging focus and many other issues.

Conflicts of research – including “gain of function”  and conflicting statements by the leadership of companies about the “efficacy” of the vaccines they manufacture – have become commonplace, as has the backtracking on previous statements by federal agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and the affiliated National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

All the while, the leadership of those agencies, along with many of the nation’s highest elected officials, were struck by a second or third attack of COVID – after they had received a second or third “jab,” or even more.

The swirl of controversy – and conspiracy allegations – reached such a crescendo late last year that a national magazine carried an article calling for the public to “declare a pandemic amnesty.”

Instead, the documentary truly runs the gamut as it focuses on responsibility – and blame. The content ranges from humorous internet memes to heartfelt, even-tearful retellings of personal COVID-related experiences, and from light-hearted amusement and feigned amazement at obvious contradictions and hypocrisy to blistering condemnation of proposals and plans that themselves range from the questionable to the ominous.

Crone’s research – along with that of numerous other individuals – traces the Schwab family back to its hometown of Ravensburg, Germany – the first German city known to practice eugenics in the 1930s – and allegations the family company exploited both slave labor and Allied POWs before and during World War II. Escher Wyss was named a National Socialist Model Company by Adolf Hitler.

That some of the WEF beliefs, plans and methods stem from one of the saddest and most evil periods of history is of great concern to Crone, as is the docile or even enthusiastic acceptance of such ideas by government, academia, and much of the “mainstream” media. He is equally disturbed by the acquiescence of churches, many of which seem more willing to soften – change – the Word of God to align more with “acceptable thinking.”

Crone peels back the veneer of harmless sounding labels and banal euphemisms such as “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” “the Great Reset,” or “Human 2.0” to try and ascertain precisely the thinking behind the refined logos and artwork, and what it will mean to real people.

It is a trail of potentially disturbing developments. Some of the highlights are widespread, complete surveillance – both real-time recording and microchip implants that will allow genetic “modification” along with the “uploading” of biological and emotional information and the “downloading” of changes thereto, as simply and easily as walking by an ordinary city lamppost, now equipped with a powerful electronic messaging device.

Experimentation is already underway with “downloading” dreams and “experiences” into the brain electronically, causing the recipient to, for example, enjoy a vacation to a place he never actually visited.

Cash will disappear, replaced by government-controlled “digital currency,” thus keeping a record of every purchase – and, of course, reserving the right to “disallow” the obtaining of “questionable” items or services.

And the privilege of transportation will be reserved for only those individuals who have “uploaded” biological information from their bodies, and have dutifully complied with the latest vaccination requirements.

Again and again, the proposals are proclaimed as being for “the common good,” with implementation by 2030.

“So, if this is all beginning to sound rather familiar to another historical event, in the not-so-distant past, it is,” Crone says. “Klaus Schwab and his evil gang of global elites are simply following the same evil plan that Hitler used the last time when he attempted to take over the world.

“Back then, the plan was called the Third Reich. So, don’t worry, Klaus Schwab and his gang have relabeled it as something less threatening: it’s ‘the Fourth Industrial Revolution.’

“How dumb do they think we are? Actually, they not only think we’re dumb, but remember what Klaus Schwab and those wicked, evil global elites call us. They call us ‘useless eaters.’

“We’re just a bunch of useless, expendable animals to them. And the moment that we cease to be of value to them, and we’re eating into too much of the profits, it’s time to take us out to the pasture and slaughter us.

“This is their version of the so-called utopia that they’re building for us, the whole planet, and what they call the New World Order. It doesn’t sound like utopia to me,” Crone says as he references Revelation 13. “It sounds like the rise of the Antichrist kingdom that God warned about 2,000 years ago.

“And it’s not a bunch of random ‘crazies’ who just purely by chance happened to get into power and grabbed control over all our lives. Rather, it’s a well thought out, longterm plan by a specific group of global elites who implemented this for evil, nefarious purposes. They even admit that this global pandemic was their long-awaited opportunity to implement this evil global plan,” Crone says.

Then Schwab takes the stage himself. “The innovations we are seeing today, in terms of artificial intelligence, the internet of things, cloud computing, advanced robotics and many others, together constitute a new phase in human development, on par or even exceeding previous industrial revolutions in scale and impact.

“COVID-19 has accelerated this ongoing industrial revolution. If COVID had happened even 10 years ago, we could not have imagined moving entire companies, schools and government offices so fast online. Today that is the reality. The Fourth Industrial Revolution has become a reality,” Schwab says.

Almost on cue, a WEF participant carries the thought a bit further: “If you are in a crisis situation, you need to think about how to turn that to your advantage. And candidly, if you’re not in a crisis situation, sometimes the best way to get change done is to create a crisis and then use that to your advantage.”

Several medical doctors bravely sit for interviews in the documentary, undeterred by the condemnation and vilification to which many of them have been subjected over the last two years of the crisis.

Though resistant to the compliance demanded of medical professionals throughout the pandemic, Dr. Carrie Madej was invited to high-level meetings at which some of these issues were discussed.

She says it was difficult being a “doctor finding out so many things we have believed are simply not true.

“We want to use technology to help people, and make their lives better. But now it’s to influence and change people, to modify their behavior and get them to do what we want them to do.”

The meetings about genetic modification began with “humans are weak, fragile. We think we can create a better human. We don’t really need to ask people’s permission because they don’t understand this. We know better. It’s for the common good.

“I was even told that my job would become obsolete, that the human body would change so much in my lifetime that there would be no need for a traditional doctor – that everything would be uploaded and downloaded.”

The people promoting these ideas are not “quacks.”

“These are well-known people in their field. Not some ‘Dr. Evil’ guys running around saying this. These are people from many different fields, respected, people you see on television, people that are world leaders, scientists.

“If you look and see what the world has been doing, we have the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, Davos – all of them are talking about turning people into cyborgs, connecting them wirelessly to the ‘internet of everything.’

“If you step back and start to look broader at what’s really going on, it’s really about total, utter enslavement of humanity. There’s definitely a depopulation goal, and the people left over (being) completely controlled.

“And this is to change us from the image of our Father, Creator God, to another image, which to me sounds quite Satanic, and is a spiritual battle of good and evil,” Madej said.

Schwab once again takes center stage at the close of the documentary: “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.

“The Fourth Industrial Revolution will affect the very essence of our human experience. All aspects of our societies and economies must be revamped, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

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Jon Ruetz

Jon Ruetz is a former newspaper reporter and editor, author and longtime journalism teacher. He now writes for the Prophecy in the News magazine and is spearheading SWRC’s new audiobooks branch.

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