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Secret Societies

SKU: H051


Where did secret societies originate? What role do they play in the end times? Join Micah as he takes a look at the secret societies that have shaped our world today.

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Since the days of Nimrod, rooted in the knowledge of the antediluvian watchers, secret societies have been working to usher in human enlightenment, ascend humanity into godhood and provoke a final battle with the Creator. They will get their battle of Armageddon, but they will not win. In Secret Societies Blood Never Sleeps, we study history’s most prominent secret societies and their lasting effects on our culture, religion, government and laws.

Should a Christian join a secret society? What role does Nimrod and the Tower of Babel play in the grand scheme? Did the Knights Templar guard the Holy Grail and bury a vast treasure in North America?

Did Freemasons mastermind the American Revolution? Why is there so much Masonic symbolism in our country’s infrastructure? What link does the ancient city of Atlantis have with the United States? Are the world’s most powerful families secretly serving the Illuminati? Why did the United States employ thousands of Nazi scientists? Did the CIA conduct mind-control experiments on American citizens?

Why did the Roman Catholic Church commit horrifying atrocities against innocent people during the Inquisition? Are the elites and the World Economic Forum working toward a Great Reset in order to usher in a new world order? Why have so many prominent American politicians visited the Bohemian Grove?

Join Micah Van Huss in entering the rabbit hole, exploring the answers to these questions from a biblical worldview and discussing the topics your Sunday school teacher didn’t talk about.