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Secrets of The Vatican DVD

SKU: X1591


A six-part presentation on Vatican Secrets including predator priests; children cover-ups and the confessional; the house of devils; and dead men’s bones. Learn how deep and systemic are the evil, the iniquities and the evil spirits that abide not just in the walls of the Vatican but every place the Vatican reaches in this world. Hoggard probes the very nature of the things the Catholic Church does and teaches and the results of these activities

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Hoggard’s latest study shines a spotlight on the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church. He reveals the depth of “evil, wickedness, iniquities and evil spirits” residing in not just the Vatican, but every place that the Vatican reaches in this world. “The very nature of the things that the Church of Rome does in the name of religion, in the name of God, of Jesus Christ, the very things that they teach, their dogma… have created the problems that exist inside the Catholic Church right now.”