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Storm on the Horizon

SKU: S1874


Sylvia McKelvey has been a Christian investigator for over thirty years. She provided research materials for and appeared in the 1983 documentary, The New Age, Pathway to Paradise? produced by WCFC Christian television in Chicago, Illinois. She has been an investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and has served as the MUFON State Section Director for Santa Clara County in California. She is a former Petty Officer of the United States Naval Reserve Hospital Corps and served on active duty during Operation Desert Storm. She lives with her husband in Northern California.

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Storm on the Horizon: The New Age, UFOs, and the Cosmic Christ

Is there a covert plan for humanity? Are we on the brink of discovery? Every day huge cumbersome radio telescopes around the world scan the farthest regions of space; listening, probing, waiting. Waiting for that one tone, that one ring, that one sound, that would set the world ablaze with unbridled excitement never before seen on this planet. We will have made contact with Extraterrestrials! Some say they are already here. Some say they have already made contact. Some say they have a plan. Is there a Mastermind behind them? Could Extraterrestrials be part of the largest deception ever to take place on this Earth? Some theorist say yes, and this may be how they do it.