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Teens and Tweens

Southwest Radio Ministries, and Larry Spargimino, have fielded many questions about the role the church plays in the life of teenagers. Brother Spargimino also helps produce a series for WHCB Radio entitled “Bible Buddies,” hosted by Matthew Hill. These are some of the program transcripts from “Bible Buddies” and well as some relevant topics for teens.

Brother Spargimino has a book entitled Yesterday, Today, and Forever available from Southwest Radio Ministries. Information is available on our products page, or by calling 1-800-652-1144.

If you have a question that you would like answered, you can write us at Southwest Radio Ministries, P.O. Box 76834, Oklahoma City, OK 73147, or email us at

Whom Should I Invite?

It’s really nice to reciprocate. If someone invites you over for a barbecue, it is nice to return the favor. Or, if someone lets you try out their new mountain 

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Who Is a Fool?

What would you think of a man who says there is no such thing as thunder and lightning? He insists that there are no thunderstorms, dark clouds, wind, lightning and

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A Tattoo for the New Year?

I wonder how many of you are going to get a tattoo for the New Year? A lot of young people are getting tattoos What is a tattoo? A tattoo,

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Manners and Civility

Our society is really slipping. And we are slipping fast. One of the signs of this slippage is the lack of manners and civility that we see everywhere. People want

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Jesus Was No Celebrity

Famous people always have great crowds following them. These famous people are called celebrities. We’ve all seen special awards given to actors and actresses. They wear fancy clothing, eat fancy

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He Died Once for All

We are all so blessed because of Jesus. He is worthy. I think our devotional will bring this out. You know, there are a lot of things that we have

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Do I Have to Get Married?

There are many teens and  young adults who think that marriage is a cure-all for what ails them. They believe that they have to get married in order to really

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And Then What?

Not too long ago I was talking to a young man who had been through college and he was just about finished with law school. He had life pretty well

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