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The Abraham Proclamation

SKU: H054


Hamas, Apostate America and God in Conflict

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Like so many bizarre and strange notions today that are controlling the thinking of millions of supposedly “intelligent people” – such as the belief that five-year-olds are competent to make the right gender-selection, and abortion-on-demand is “health care”– the idea of liberating “Palestine” from the “Jewish occupation,” are products of self-seeking deceivers. When peoples and nations cut themselves off from the eternal truths of the Word of God, the end product is nothing but confusion and misery for billions. The planet Earth—tottering on the edge of a Globalist takeover—is a clear illustration of this.

This book will make some readers say, “Amen.” For others, however, it will have the
opposite effect. Yet, truth is not dependent on popular opinion. Will we learn the lesson?