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The Alien Delusion Collection (2 DVDs) Pastor Michael Hoggard

SKU: G762


Two outstanding DVDs by Pastor Michael Hoggard!

In stock

The Alien Delusion Collection (2 DVDs) Pastor Michael Hoggard

This outstanding collection features:

Alien Disclosure Delusion (DVD) Michael Hoggard

Is there evidence that aliens have visited earth? Does the United States government have evidence of extraterrestrials? Will disclosure happen soon? Join Pastor Mike Hoggard as he answers these questions and more.

Segments include:

  • Disclosure Delusion
  • Alien Delusion
  • UFO and Cryptid Eyewitness
  • Contact: UFOs and the Fourth Kingdom

The Phoenix Affair (DVD) Michael Hoggard

Betty Andreasson, who claims to be a born-again Christian, also claims to have had several encounters with aliens. She reveals a visionary experience of traveling into another world where she met a being whom she saw as God. However, Betty Andreasson’s encounter and description of the alien entity she referred to as THE ONE is none other than the spirit of Antichrist and is revealed as the androgynous god of the Jewish Kabbalah! In The Phoenix Affair, Pastor Michael Hoggard examines Andreasson’s claims through the lens of Scripture.

Over 10 hours of Bible teaching on this DVD Collection!