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The Biblical Math Collection: The Math of Christ & God the Master Mathematician

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Get both The Math of Christ and God the Master Mathematician in this special collection.

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The Biblical Math Collection: The Math of Christ & God the Master Mathematician

The Math of Christ: The Science of Math Reveals Bible Truths

All the Rabbis have been wrong for 2,000 years. The Math of Christ uses the fundamental tenets of science to prove conclusively that Jesus Christ fulfilled the prophecies about the coming Messiah for all people. Predictions written centuries before the birth of Christ describe how man can identify the only valid offer of salvation and eternal life for all mankind. True Christians already possess sufficient faith in Christ as the Messiah. This book is written for those technical people and children whose faith may be challenged by science taught in public schools. The Math of Christ will show you how the odds of forty prophecies about the Messiah could not possibly have happened by accident, but rather had to have been the result of a purposeful design. The Father of Mathematical Probability, Dr. Emil Borel confirms that these events were no grand coincidence. Readers will also discover how many other prophecies in the Bible have already come true, how the Bible is full of science knowledge revealed centuries before man actually discovered these facts, how the Earth was made specifically for man to live in and how life would be impossible if very minor changes were made in its existence. Every Christian will want to read The Math of Christ to strengthen their own faith. They will also want a copy for every person they have tried to witness to and reach.

God: The Master Mathematician

The Bible is the most numerically constructed book in the world. The fact that the 66 books of the Bible, written over a period of 1,600 years by 40 or more authors, most not having preceding or succeeding books, yet continuing the amazing mathematical patterns, proves that a Master Mathematician was in charge. While some books on this subject drown the reader in dry statistics, Bro. Hutchings has written one that is easy to understand; one that will increase the Christians’ faith in the Bible as the Word of God; and prove to the unsaved that the Master Mathematician who inspired the Scriptures is the same Lord Jesus Christ who is able to save to the uttermost all who come to Him in faith.