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Things to Consider About UFO’s (DVD) David Benoit

SKU: X1402


David Benoit examines UFO’s from a biblical perspective.

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Things to Consider About UFO’s (DVD) David Benoit

UFO sightings are on the rise. Countless UFO reports flood in to authorities with each passing month. But what is the truth about aliens and UFOs? This thoroughly researched teaching DVD deals with UFOs and aliens from a biblical, Christian perspective. Among the issues covered are:

• Have We Been Visited?
• The Wild Popularity of UFOs
• The Search for Extraterrestrial Life
• What Really Happened At Roswell?
• Is There Any Hard Evidence for Alien Visitations?
• Are UFOs Mentioned in the Bible?
• The New Age Embrace of UFOs
• The Occult Connection
• “Alien” Abductions
• Demonized Delusions in the End Times
• And more.