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Transforming Humanity Into Gods (DVD) S. Douglas Woodward

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This presentation was given in Dallas, during August 2013 to The Prophecy Club. This lecture features an extensive PowerPoint slide deck. The lecture was slightly over 100 minutes. The topic focuses on a “cosmic conspiracy” to transform humanity into the image of Lucifer. It is drawn from two books written by Woodward, Power Quest Books One and Two.

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Transforming Humanity Into Gods (DVD) S. Douglas Woodward

Have the giants of Genesis 6 returned to earth? Are fallen angels today corrupting human DNA? Is this part of a CIA program conceived by the evil Nazi scientist Josef Mengela? What does dissociative identity disorder (DID) have to do with the quest to create the Manchurian Candidate?

Author and lecturer S. Douglas Woodward presents a startling account of the conspiracy to remake humankind into the image of Lucifer. In essence, this DVD positions the history of humanity in the context of the conflict between Satan and Jesus Christ.  Woodward begins with the century-old Eugenics movement through which American scientists supplied racist ideology to Adolf Hitler supporting the Holocaust. Woodward relates first-hand accounts from witnesses in today’s world describing how super-human forces are tampering with humanity’s genetic code.  The viewer will be captivated by his well-documented research and uncanny knack for connecting disparate facts.  The story reflects today’s most popular science fiction movies–but could it be fact rather than fiction?

While the topic of transhumanism and the study of the “Nephilim” is energetically pursued by a number of authors today, only Woodward has provided the historical roots of the conspiracy from nineteenth century America.  Woodward shows what the rich and powerful have plotted to accomplish over the past two centuries:  to remake humanity into Lucifer’s image.  The story does have a happy ending:  in juxtaposition to the goals of the Luciferian conspiracy, Woodward concludes with the biblical doctrine of the exalted destiny of believers in Jesus Christ.