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UK Rejects the Anti-Semitic Labour Party

It was a momentous victory for the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom’s General Election. The party has promised to honor the people’s vote in a referendum to leave the European Union—the Prison House of Nations.

Meanwhile, praying Christians were delighted that the anti-Semitic Labour Party, the nation’s second largest, had its worst election result since the 1930s. The Conservatives won by a landslide, with 365 seats to Labour’s 203, and have a majority of 80 over all opposition parties combined.

Even London’s Muslim Labour mayor, Sadiq Khan, blamed Labour’s “catastrophic” defeat on Mr. Corbyn and the “repeated failure to tackle anti-Semitism.”

His comments were echoed by Jewish Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge: “People didn’t trust Mr. Corbyn with looking after them. … Labour has become the nasty party. I am one of the victims of that with the anti-Semitism.” In fact Jewish MPs and party members have been booed, heckled, and deluged with hate mail, all by members of their own party which claims to be “anti racist”! Their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has a long, well documental record of anti-Semitism, as has his right-hand man, Seamus Milne.

This was part an opinion column in Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, the nation’s best:

A vote for Labour on December 12 is a vote for an institutionally anti-Semitic party led by an anti-Semite.

This has been the view of many of us for a long time, but there is no room left for doubt after the leak of the Jewish Labour Movement’s (JLM) submission to an investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC).

The document provides a catalogue of bigotry in Labour, of which the following are just a few examples. Verbal abuse: one witness recalls being called “a Tory Jew,” being told that “Hitler was right” and threatened with physical violence. 

Online abuse: Ruth Smeeth MP was the subject of over 25,000 anti-Semitic posts, including epithets such as “traitor” and “CIA/MI5/Mossad informant.” 

It is claimed that when 25 ultra-Orthodox Jews tried to join the party in South Tottenham, the constituency’s membership secretary objected and required a visit to their homes. The JLM concludes that Labour “is no longer a safe space for Jewish people”—and that the problem starts at the top.” Separately the chief rabbi, who had previously declared Mr. Corbyn unfit for high office, warned that even with him gone the resurgence of anti-Semitism remained a serious concern for Britain’s Jewish community. This is how Stephen Pollard, editor of the UK’s Jewish Chronicle, put it: 

Ever since Labour’s strong showing in the 2017 election, the Jewish community has lived in fear of a Labour government. We have been so anxious about the prospect that 47 per cent of us have seriously considered emigrating.

At 10 pm on Thursday (election day as voting polls started to come in), that fear vanished. Then something hit me that had never occurred to me before. Labour hadn’t just caused anxiety across the Jewish community. It had done something even more appallingly profound. It had made my family and my community doubt the decency and sense of our fellow Brits.

With hindsight, of course, the British people were obviously going to tell the extremists where to go. That is what we have always done and will always do. But such was the onslaught from the Corbynites that most Jews feared otherwise.

The past two days have been a blur of conversations, texts and emails from friends and relatives, ecstatic that the threat has gone. I share their joy.

But I also advise caution. Because while the current Labour leadership has been humiliated, the poison they released has not gone away. Far from it. Jeremy Corbyn and his allies turned Labour into a party so foul that the Equalities and Human Rights Commission decided it had to investigate its institutional racism. 

But the Corbynites could only behave as they did because so many Labour members are either anti-Semitic or don’t [care] about it. Those members remain—and will choose the next Labour leader.

There are lessons here for the USA where similar elements are vocal in the Democratic Party. Be warned.

U.S. President Donald Trump was among the first to congratulate Johnson on his landslide victory, writing on Twitter: “Congratulations to Boris Johnson on his great WIN! Britain and the United States will now be free to strike a massive new Trade Deal after BREXIT. This deal has the potential to be far bigger and more lucrative than any deal that could be made with the E.U. Celebrate Boris!”

Israeli foreign minister Israel Katz said Johnson’s win was a “victory of values” over anti-Semitism. So one danger to the nation is averted, at least in part. But the spectre of the EU still hangs over the United Kingdom.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson promises we will be out of the EU by January 31. “We will get Brexit done on time by the 31st of January, no ifs, no buts, no maybes,” Johnson told cheering supporters on Friday. “Leaving the European Union as one United Kingdom, taking back control of our laws, borders, money, our trade, immigration system, delivering on the democratic mandate of the people.”

If Parliament passes Johnson’s existing withdrawal agreement by his January 31 deadline, it will start a transition period for the UK and EU to do a deal on their future relationship. Johnson says this period will not go beyond the end of 2020, but many doubt—me being one of them—that a comprehensive agreement can be concluded before then.

EU Council president Charles Michel said the bloc is ready to embark on trade talks with Britain and will do the utmost to protect European priorities after Johnson’s win. So this seeming break with the EU is not as final and permanent as it sounds, as we will be tied into a trading relationship under EU rules for the foreseeable future. I have always doubted that we will ever actually leave the EU, whatever form of words is used.

At present, if we manage to shake off some of the near half-century of EU regulations enshrined in our laws, the UK is likely to still be linked to a series of EU military structures. Britain could be forced to pay billions of pounds into EU defense projects and contribute troops and other military assets to Brussels defense units as a result. We shall see. 

Britain’s armed  forces are also heavily linked with their French equivalents. We are the only European nations with nuclear weapons. These will be needed when Antichrist comes to power in Europe.

One thing that defines a nation-state is that it is free to set laws with regard to its own culture and history. I live not far from Runnymead, where King John was forced to hand over some of his kingly powers to the barons, in a development which led to the establishment of a democracy—the first in the modern world. 

However, Europe’s top lawmaking body, the European Court of Justice, sets the pace for Euro lawmaking and the European Commission, the top policy-making body, refers to its judgments when it wants to overrule anything from the European Parliament to national parliaments in the field of criminal law. On tax, foreign policy, defence, and social and education policy, the countries of Europe are effectively as one, with tiny areas of competence left to national parliaments. This will not be lightly given up, especially as the UK is the second largest contributor to the EU Superstate.

Bible Prophecy, notably in the Book of Daniel, leads me to believe we will remain within the EU—the Revived Roman Empire which is the last world empire prior to the return to Earth of the Lord Jesus. The original Roman Empire included England up to Hadrian’s Wall, the border with Scotland.

The bright spot for now is that government of Mad Marxists—the extreme left-wing zealots who now control the Labour Party, the UK’s second largest political organisation—will not now get their hands on power. However, there are powerful and well funded forces at work to retain the UK within the maw of the EU. They are aided by ill-informed, bigoted dupes.

They should take note, as I did, that just as in America after the last presidential election, there is a neo-Marxist mob which doesn’t like democracy when it doesn’t get the result they want. This group of bone-brained hooligans was out on the streets of London, interfering with people about their lawful business and generally howling at the heavens. This is how London’s Daily Telegraph, reported it the day after the General Election: “On Friday night chants of ‘Oh, Jeremy Corbyn’ were heard as hundreds of protesters carrying ‘No to Boris Johnson’ and ‘Defy Tory Rule’ placards descended upon Whitehall, central London. Some of the left-wing activists blocked the route of a double decker bus on Victoria Street and started singing the children’s song The Wheels on the Bus. Police established cordons at the scene and many protesters left as rain began to fall.”

My comment: May it rain on all your stupid but dangerous parades objecting to other people’s rights to an opinion and a vote.

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Alan Franklin

Alan Franklin is a conservative British newspaper editor. He has been a friend and contributor to Southwest Radio Ministries for many years. You can learn more about Alan at

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