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Unholy War – Randall Price

SKU: S1826

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Why does strife continue in the Middle East? How is it connected to terrorist attacks on Western nations? Dr. Price provides a concise, fascinating look at the problems and the players in the Middle East.

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Unholy War – Randall Price

For years the Middle East conflict has seemed a distant problem, appearing no closer than the newspaper headlines. But recent catastrophic events have changed all that. What was once a faraway conflict has now spread to America and the rest of the Western world.

How did all this come about? Why has terrorism spilled over to America? These are the questions people are asking – and it’s difficult to get answers because of the many misunderstandings about the Middle East, the Israeli-Palestinian problem, terrorism, and the Islamic religion.

Randall Price provides clear, concise answers to all these questions and more in Unholy War. His exceptional expertise on the Middle East and his intimate knowledge of Judaism, Islam, and the modern-day controversies make this an ideal reference for understanding the complex issues behind today’s news headlines.