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Unmasking the Chaldean Spirit – Rabbi Zev Porat

SKU: S1850

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Accompany Messianic Rabbi Porat as he shares striking biblical and archeological discoveries on his path to Zion.

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Unmasking the Chaldean Spirit – Rabbi Zev Porat

A Messianic Rabbi’s Stunning Supernatural Journey to Zion and The Life-Changing Treasures He Uncovered along the Way

A former, deeply Orthodox Jewish man has a stunning and supernatural conversion to faith in Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord many years ago. That experience upended his entire life in a string of unbelievable ways. And continues to do so! Now, Zev Porat is a Messianic Rabbi living in the heart of Israel, with a global ministry that’s changing lives for the Kingdom of Yeshua on a daily basis.

Zev faces literal demonic manifestations, temptations of great wealth if he will only denounce his faith in Yeshua, relentless and frequent attacks from a group of Israel’s prominent Jewish elite, assaults on his person and property, and persistent organized efforts to completely shut down his ministry. Yet, he presses on, with a glowing zeal for the Word of God and the people of Israel – his people – in a way that will make your own heart swell with inspiration.