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Wuhan’s Christians Risk Their Lives to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

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For sure, there is a massive crisis in China with the coronavirus. The Chinese authorities there have never had a problem of this magnitude. Asia Harvest has a video of Wuhan’s Christians risking their lives to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Christians are distributing face masks, but they are also handing out Gospel tracts and inviting people to accept Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, even at a time such as this, the Chinse Communist Party cannot put aside their anti-Christian hostility—and they are hostile. Some of the teams of Christians that have been preaching in the streets of Wuhan have been arrested and their supplies have been confiscated.

The communists have too long listened to Chairman Mao. They need to listen to Jesus. Mao was a monster. He was a bitter frustrated man who had an insane goal to create a communist Utopia in China. It will never happen. The courage of these Christians in Wuhan, who are facing the Communist goons and the coronavirus, will be blessed by God. Jesus is King—even in China. There is increasing hostility against the lies that the Chinese Communist Party is telling the world. Chinese Christians have reported that the true number of infections and deaths is much higher than what is officially reported. People in China have almost zero confidence in the government.

As the coronavirus worsens, the crisis poses a threat to Communist Party rule, as millions of people grow frustrated and angry. The Party has shown over 70 years of rule that they will do anything to stay in power. We ask our listeners to please pray for God’s perfect will to be done in China and that, indeed, as Isaiah 9 tells us, “The government shall be upon His shoulders.”

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