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Aleph-Bet Soup (Part 2)

Larry Spargimino with Charles Thurston

Aleph-Bet Soup is a book written in English about Hebrew letters in the Bible. As ancient and mysterious as this foreign alphabet of antiquity may at first appear, it gave rise to a major portion of our more familiar modern English. What is so special about Hebrew? Hebrew was clearly the first language spoken on Earth between Adam and God 6,000 years ago. It was the original language of the Word of God in the Old Testament, and it is still the only language to have survived from the ancient world. Hebrew is the language of the people of the Book. Each new insight that we may encounter in the Hebrew letters will make us all just that much more “people of the Book.”

Larry Spargimino with Pastor Joe

“Hawaii Update”

Our Latest Article

Seven-Year Plan

The United Nations recently announced that they need “7 Years of Accelerated, Transformative Action to Achieve SDGs.” The SDGs are the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals” that the U.N. put in place eight years ago through which they intend to establish a one-world government. Below is a quote from the U.N.’s

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