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A Christian’s Guide to Aliens & UFOs

A Christian’s Guide to Aliens & UFOs

Michael Hoggard, pastor of Bethel Church in Festus, Mo., “always had a fascination with things mysterious,” he says. As a boy, he loved Encyclopedia Brown mysteries and books on Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, UFOs, ghosts and the like. Today, he is the founder and director of Prophetic Research Ministries and is known as “The UFO Pastor.” Here he discusses what a Christian should think about extraterrestrial beings and craft, now being called “unknown aerial phenomena.”

Q: Why should we believe there are UFOs and alien encounters on Earth?

A: You have the New York Times coming out with a massive article in 2017 about UFOs and the government and military encounters. You have people with cameras on their phones all over the world taking pictures and video just about every day. There’s new stuff on UFOs all the time.

Then there’s world-renowned psychiatrist John Mack of Harvard who studied abductees. They call them ‘contactees’ now. He started looking into these people, interviewing them, trying to figure out if they were ‘psycho.’ He found none of that. But what he did find, in something between 75-100 cases that he actually worked with, they all would tell almost the identical story – that they were asleep in the middle of the night and woke up to some strange light, and they see all these little creatures beside their bed. Next thing they know sometimes they can actually feel themselves floating through the air.

Q: Is terminology, the word “aliens,” part of the reason people are hesitant to believe in their existence?

A: So, if I go to a church, and I speak on this, and I say, ‘Aliens, aliens, aliens,’ people roll their eyes and think ‘Oh, my goodness, I don’t want to hear this.’ But if they are told that evil angels, devils, are flying these machines in our world and they’re doing evil things, then most people would say, ‘Yeah, I believe that.’ So terminology is part of the issue. When you’re talking about aliens, the real, genuine thing, they are exactly evil angels, fallen angels, devils, principalities, powers and so on.

Q: Does Scripture support this theory?

A: I believe that they literally are the UFOs in that form, looking like the wheel within a wheel, like the saucer with this little dome on it …

Instead of a God conceiving inside of a human woman, there’s multiples of them: the sons of God – plural – mingle themselves with the daughters of men (Gen. 6). I believe, just like the Holy Ghost giving conception to Mary, and later on she gave birth to Jesus, I believe the devil and his evil angels have an opposite plan to counter what God did.

On one hand, you have God bringing his Son to this Earth, born as a baby and on the other hand, you have the devil bringing into this world the Antichrist through the seed of men.

Q: Is this seed exchange occurring during visitations by “unknown aerial phenomena?”

A: In every case that John Mack investigated, every abduction encounter, the aliens were interested in one primary thing, and that was they always – if it was a man, they extracted seed from that man; if it was a woman, they took eggs from that woman’s ovary.

And in many cases, the abductees report that the aliens themselves told them they were working on hybridization, to join themselves with mankind in a permanent way … In some cases, women find out that they’re pregnant and, in some cases, not knowing where the pregnancy came from.

Then, after a few months, they’re not pregnant anymore. Then some time later, they have another abduction experience and the aliens tell the woman, ‘We have your child. Do you want to hold your baby? Do you want to see your child?’

Q: Is there biblical support for this kind of intermingling of beings?

A: So you take into account these testimonies, then you go back to Daniel 2 – and I spoke on this when we were in Fort Wayne – and you look at that fourth kingdom. Daniel specifically said they – which is the iron in the toes – shall mingle themselves with men.

Q: If these visitors are fallen angels, how could they have bodies that could intermingle with humans?

A: Some people’s objection to the whole sons of God-daughters of men thing is that they say, ‘Angels are spirits. They don’t have bodies, therefore it can’t happen.’ What they’re doing is projecting Casper the Friendly Ghost as all these spiritual entities.

Paul said in I Cor. 15:38, ‘But God giveth it a body as it hath pleased him, and to every seed his own body.’ And he says, in verse 40, ‘There are (also) celestial bodies’ – celestial bodies means the heavens – ‘and there are bodies terrestrial’ – human bodies. So do angels have bodies? Well, the two angels that were with Jesus when they met Abraham – they got their feet washed, they got fed supper, they ate it, they conversed and then Jesus sent them to Sodom to meet Lot. Here again, Lot brings them into his house, washes their feet, gives them another meal to eat. These are the most well-fed angels in the universe.

Q: What is the intent of these modern-day visitations?

A: Their plan, No. 1, is global domination, and when they come, God’s going to let them have it. He’s going to let them have their reign on this world, for a period … I believe that the devil is building an army. He already has a third of the angels and he tried to fight a war in heaven and he lost it and he will lose again. When Christ returns and establishes his 1,000-year reign, there is going to be one final battle and that is Armageddon.

Satan, at that time brings forth his army, which would consist of these angels, these evil angels, these aliens, and hybridized human beings whose DNA has been altered. If I would have said that 30 years ago, people would have said, ‘not a chance.’ But we are already on the verge of man doing it to himself – altering his DNA.

Q: How should a Christian react if they encounter one of these extraterrestrials/devils?

A: If somebody thinks they have seen a UFO or little things that look like children in their room, I know people have prayed in the name of Jesus, out loud. They begin to pray: ‘Jesus deliver me. Jesus save me.’ And, in almost every situation, these things left.

When Jesus was on this Earth, and He encountered anybody that had a devil, or multiple devils in him, they always groaned, cried out, ‘What have we to do with you, thou son of the most high God?’ They know exactly who He is, and so I say prayer is our only choice, to believe that takes faith.

Q: What do you say to people who think the discussion of aliens, especially as minions of Satan, is simply crazy?

A: If they think me crazy, I would just ask them to give me 30 minutes with them and a Bible, and I’ll show them things they never thought of before, in the Scriptures. Every day people are seeing these things around the world. If you choose not to believe it, that’s your business. But I’m going to follow the Scriptures, and wherever the Scriptures lead me, that’s the conclusion that I’m going to make.

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Michael Hoggard

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