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Bible Study Bundle (3 DVDs) Michael Samuel Smith

SKU: G712


This bundle includes three dynamic Bible teaching DVDs from Michael Samuel Smith.

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Bible Study Bundle (3 DVDs) Michael Samuel Smith

This bundle includes three dynamic Bible teaching DVDs from Michael Samuel Smith.

John the Baptist Forerunner of Jesus 

There are many lessons we can learn from the story of John the Baptist.  Michael S. Smith spent three years researching the life and times of John the Baptizer and found that a great deal about his life is not well known. He tailored this video so it could be used in a Sunday school class or a home setting. It is less than an hour long, but we believe it is still the most detailed story ever written about the life of John the Baptist. Many will be surprised by how much they never knew about this subject. Jesus said in the Bible that John was the greatest man who ever lived What prompted Jesus to say that? In this video, you will see where John was imprisoned, and actual photos of the palace where he held and executed. You will hear what John the Baptist and Billy Graham have in common. Also discusses water baptism and how it relates to us today.

Crossing Jordan to Reach Jericho 

The story line in this DVD will take you down a road of prophecy that will open a whole, new dimension about the exodus.

  • You will learn why Oshea, the son of Nun, had his name changed to Joshua.
  • Learn why God instructed Joshua to have the people social-distance themselves about 2,000 cubits behind the Ark while crossing the Jordan River.

The Next Rapture 

The Rapture of the Church may be the most divisive of all subjects facing Jesus’ church today. Michael Samuel Smith fervently believes that the timing of the Rapture is most definitely pre-Tribulation, occurring before Antichrist confirms the covenant with Israel! To prove his thesis, Michael delves into the Old Testament to study the “types” and “shadows” of events God created to foreshadow His real snatching of His faithful church out of the world so He can concentrate upon delivering His final judgment against Israel, and so He can prepare her to receive Jesus Christ as He returns to the Mount of Olives, and be received as Israel’s long-awaited Messiah.