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Born Again in Turkey

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For anyone who has ever had questions about the meaning of life, Air Force wife and world traveler Kitty Schneider shares what she has come to know as the Truth and the Life. Follow Schneider’s sojourn from America to Turkey and back and her pursuit of the one true God that brought her through natural disasters, life and death situations and relationship challenges including alcoholism, religious differences and birth control, sin and forgiveness.

“Kitty Schneider is an author, editor and compassionate caregiver, but most importantly, a faithful servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Her testimony will provide you with inspiration, as well as courage for the challenges of life. Your confidence in Christ will grow as you read this testimony of “joy unspeakable and full of glory”—1Peter 1:8

Dr. Larry Spargimino, Pastor
Trinity Chinese Baptist Church
Oklahoma City, Okla.


A survivor of open-heart surgery, Kitty’s spiritual heart changes began in Turkey, where she met her Best Friend Forever. Born Again in Turkey recounts her experiences leading up to and following her life-changing decision.