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Born in a Stable (DVD)

SKU: X1514


A collection of four unique presentations on Christmas.

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Born in a Stable (DVD)

A collection of four unique presentations on Christmas.

Born in a Stable

Ezekiel has had a busy day.  Many strangers have come into his quiet little village for the Roman census.  Though his wife Esther looks forward to the hope f the promised Messiah, Ezekiel has no time for children’s stories.  That is until his shepherd friends come to his stable looking for a child and telling wild stories about angels in the hills.  What will Ezekiel do with the baby in his stable?

Who Really were the Magi?

Who were the wise men? Were they kings? Were there three of them? How did they know to be looking for the King? Where did they come from?  The answers have serious implications to believers today.

The Christmas Story…According to Mr. Matthew

Mr. Matthew from Bible Buddies teaches children the true meaning of Christmas in this comical telling of the Savior’s birth.  With a lively cast of characters your children will gain a new understanding of who the baby in the manger really is.

Christmas in Other Lands

After giving up his chance to see Bob Hope’s USO Freedom Hill on Christmas 1969, a young Marine officer contemplates the question, “What Child is This?”  In war torn Beirut, a letter from a school child reminds him that the Christ child will someday return and the government will be upon His shoulders.  Blessed are the Peacemakers.

DVD Total Run Time: 54:42