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Calvinism on Trial

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Calvinism on Trial: This T.U.L.I.P. Has Thorns

Every day the return of the Lord draws closer. The need for evangelism and outreach is at the utmost highest. Yet the growing popularity of Five-Point Calvinism – T.U.L.I.P. – has had a chilling effect on many.

A new breed of Calvinist is rising with disastrous effects. Unsuspecting pastors and church leaders are confronted with a number of scriptures that seem to teach that Jesus only shed His blood for a predestined group. Everyone else has been left to parish eternally for “God’s good pleasure.” It’s a theology of inevitability. “What will be will be, so what’s the use?”

Curious about what Pastor Larry says about Bible Prophecy and Preterism? Check out his book, Preterism on Trial!