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Preterism on Trial – Larry Spargimino

SKU: H414


Dr. Larry Spargimino makes his case against preterism – the belief that all Bible prophecy was fulfilled in 70 A.D.

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Preterism on Trial – Larry Spargimino

The Second Coming: The Blessed Hope or a Blasted Hoax?

Was all Bible prophecy fulfilled by A.D. 70? We are living in the most unsettled and turbulent period that the world has ever seen. Rapid strides are being made for the establishment of world government, along with the growing tensions in the Middle east. In addition, there is the disappearance of traditional values, along with frightening biotechnologies that make it possible for man to “play God.”

Surprising, however, few churches are even addressing these issues and seeking to understand them in the light of biblical prophecy. Why is that? Could it be because and ancient prophetic teaching that went contrary to the Church’s original view of prophecy has once again resurfaced to claim the hearts of many? In this book, Dr. Larry Spargimino examines the prophetic viewpoint known as “preterism,” the view that virtually all prophecy has already been fulfilled. Every pastor, Christian leader, and informed believer needs to read this insightful analysis and thoroughly documented study of the leaders and teachings of what could be the most significant trend in these last days.