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Cauldron & Pets Bundle – Terry James

SKU: G688


Two books by Terry James: Do Our Pets Go to Heaven? and Cauldron.

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Cauldron & Pets Bundle – Terry James

Get two outstanding books from Terry James for one great price!

Cauldron: Supernatural Implications Of The Current Middle East And Why What Happens Next Will Be Important To You

Rumors of war boil angrily within the Middle East at this present hour. Just as Egyptian dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser vowed to push all Jews into the Mediterranean, so have today’s Israel-haters proclaimed they will push all of God’s chosen people into the sea, erasing all traces of the Jewish state from the land. Iran is on the brink of producing atomic weaponry with which to accomplish that avowed threat. Many fear World War III could begin if the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) attacks Iran’s nuclear production facilities. The struggle is far more than a modern one. It goes back to the beginning of man’s existence on Planet Earth. And now the push by both Muslims and Jews to build the Third Temple in Jerusalem is seen by some as a trigger event that could ultimately boil over into all-out Armageddon.

Do Our Pets Go To Heaven?

When you look into the happy, dancing eyes of your pet, you see a spark of love that warms your heart. These furry children give absolute, unconditional adoration to us–asking nothing but that we hug them, ruffle the fuzzy places between their ears, and give them a lilted-voiced, “Good boy!” or “Good girl!” We believe there is a bond between them and us that just had to be cemented by supernatural influence–by the Creator–and we’ve included Scripture to back up our contention. Do Our Pets Go to Heaven? is a book intended to explore the relationship between you and your pets…to, as far as possible, embrace the understanding that the death of those wonderful family members we love so much can be the door to a forever that is filled with unending love. The world of pets–for that matter, of animals in general–is a phenomenal mix of interaction and curiosity. This book presents some of the facets of those interactions and curiosities that we believe will cause you to want to keep returning to its pages time after time. The writers of Do Our Pets Go to Heaven? have poured much of ourselves into this volume. It is an investment of love we want to share with you, who we know also love your furry family members with all your hearts.