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Crash of Cash Looms

Before the looming New World Order is fully in place, it will be necessary for all-digital currencies to be mandatory. So digital implants are being planned so every move we make, every item we buy, will be known to Big Brother. I saw Bill Gates on business TV discussing something much smaller than a microchip being injected into people so they could buy and sell.

The end of cash was predicted by my friend Barry Smith, a prophecy teacher, in the 1980s. He understood that this would be a step toward all electronic trading, leading to the Mark of the Beast (set out in Revelation 13:17) whose number is 666.

It is interesting that Microsoft has filed a patent ending in 060606. I have already been made to get a Global Legal Identifier without which I was not allowed to trade in stocks.

Central Banks like The Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve plan to launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) in the near future.

What will a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency look like? Investopedia says:

“With a future U.S. CBDC, the public could use another form of central bank money besides physical cash and digital balances held in individual or corporate bank accounts. The United States doesn’t currently have a CBDC, but with this option under discussion, it is important to understand what will be a U.S. CBDC, the benefits and risks attached, and the current steps toward implementation.”

My comment is that we already have digital currency – used every time we use credit or debit cards. We do not need Big Brother supervision of our lives.

Already many people in the United Kingdom are being “debanked” – their bank accounts closed – because of their unfashionable views. The best known is Nigel Farage, a prominent campaigner against the European Union. After the National Westminster subsidiary Coutts closed his account, he made such a fuss with TV appearances that the head of Natwest had to resign.

I, too, have been prevented from opening a business account with a major bank despite over 20 attempts. I am demanding my legal right to get an explanation. In America the best known is anti-vax campaigner Dr. Mercola, a herbalist, who was debanked together with his staff and family. This was his statement:

Although the proposals for a CBDC such as ‘Britcoin’ in the U.K. include nominal commitments to ensure the use of cash – which is harder to control than electronic financial activity – the CBDC plans would give “officials” power to cut off your money. This happened in Canada to protesting truck drivers fighting lockdowns and other restrictions. Forget assurances to the contrary from politicians and central bankers. They are worthless.

Have you shared governmentally unapproved views on social media? Have you been to pro-life or pro-family events critical of the “correct” narrative? Have you dared to criticize the pharmaceutical industry? If so, you may be facing a ban on accessing your money once a CBDC is introduced, when the conditions are “right.”

I was taken off YouTube for daring to reveal the death toll of vaxed people dying earlier than the norm. The stats were from insurance company actuaries, so were precise. My talk was removed on the day I gave it and our webmaster was told “two more strikes and you are out.” Most of my talks over the years are now unavailable as I am a dangerous person – to those who suppress the truth.

A British TV channel was given the same warning. The truth about the deadly COVID jabs is clearly dangerous to those who produce and promote them!

If power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, why would you want all your money digitally controlled by government officials? If you have worked hard for your money, why should you have to appease a central digital bureaucracy in order to access or spend it?

A centrally controlled digital currency would be revolutionary: It gives “elites” the opportunity to decide how, when and where we spend our money. In the new world social credit system rapidly being constructed, your money could be “switched off” for any reason, be capped and even have expiration dates on when you can spend it.

I call the press nowadays the “suppress,” as so much truth is being hidden, and even prominent critics like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. have had their COVID comments cut out of TV interviews.

Incessant brainwashing about so-called “climate change” is being used to reset society. I expose this in a chapter called “The Big Green Lie Machine” in our book Cults and Isms, True or False?

Don’t believe all the climate claptrap. In the 1970s, there were dire warnings that we were heading for a new Ice Age.

“An Ice Age is coming!” Remember that fearful prediction from the 1970s? Leonard Nimoy was featured in a documentary at the time predicting the coming Ice Age. That prediction was wrong, and many other forecasts about global warming also failed to come true.

For more details, you can watch the entire episode at We support Creation ministry, their website and books. They put information on The Free Press Christian news section.

 Our book Cults and Isms, True or False? gives easy-to-follow information about the climate policies that are being thrust upon the world. Green propaganda, which is not fact-based, is being used to set up a totalitarian world government which will restrict everything from our movements to our diets.

A Dr. Strangelovian world is in the planning stage.  Fifteen-minute cities are threatened in the U.K. and elsewhere, the idea being that you will go no further than you can walk in 15 minutes. Parts of London are already Low Traffic Zones with many roads closed to through traffic. Never mind that businesses on those roads go broke.

In the threatened 15-minute cities your driving will be monitored and fines will be imposed if you go outside your area too often. It is suggested that only 100 trips outside your area will be allowed. Everything from doctors, schools and churches to shops and work will supposedly be located within a 15-minute walk of your home.

This is a grotesque, ludicrous, insane idea that could feature on a scary sci-fi program like Outer Limits.

The first of these Twilight Zone-type cities is scheduled for 2025. Ipswich in Suffolk is the unlucky locale. If I lived in Ipswich, the “for sale” sign would be up.

All this is supposed to “save the planet.” What absolute rubbish! In actuality, it is a planet-wide takeover.

Christ came to set us free from sin and give us a more abundant life, but the backroom lockdown lovers have other ideas.

The antidote to all this is truth, pure truth in the Bible. That is why we wrote our Cults book, to set out clearly and simply the truth about many false religions and movements.

Our Cults book features easy-to-follow Tables of Truth which shoot holes in all the disinformation being put out by false religions. This includes green fundamentalism.

We wrote the book to help dispel deception and we hope every true Christian realizes that this is the age of deception about which Jesus warned us.

One big lie is the idea that without drastic population reduction and total restriction to our movements, the world is doomed. This is being used for the biggest ever clampdown on freedom.

This lie includes forcing dietary change. Don’t eat meat but try insect burgers!

Bill Gates thinks that moving away from meat consumption is good for the planet where he is probably the most powerful individual. I wonder how many insect burgers Gates consumes? He is, by the way, the biggest owner of farmland in America.

What you are seeing being assembled by The World Economic Forum and other powerful groups is what they call The Great Reset.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab launched an initiative called The Great Reset in June 2020, which called for “fairer outcomes” and reimagining how global investments were made in order to boost the world’s economy following the economic downturn during the pandemic.

Free choice is being abolished, and car manufacturers are being told to stop making anything but electric vehicles, and Schwab’s idea of the Great Reset has been dubbed The Fourth Reich.

No doubt when their aim of removing ownership of all private property and giving every one social credits instead (as long as you go along with them), their private jets and palatial homes will not be confiscated or reset.

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Alan Franklin

Alan Franklin is a conservative British newspaper editor. He has been a friend and contributor to Southwest Radio Ministries for many years. You can learn more about Alan at

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