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Dad And I The Early Years – Coloring Book

SKU: H431


Give today’s generation an opportunity to travel to a different time and place… where life was simpler and morality was a way of life. The children in your life can color pictures and enjoy stories such as: Dad and I and the New Calf, Dad and I and the Little Farm, and Dad and I and Pecan Gathering. 

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This coloring book gives the children of today a glimpse of rural life in 1940s America. Each story depicts the morals and values of that era. They are written for an elementary/intermediate grade level reader.

Charles Cooper, the author of these stories was born October 10, 1934, in Dallas County, Texas, in a two-room house. The doctor came to the home for his birth. He grew up on a series of small farms during the late 1930s and ’40s. These are true stories from his childhood living in rural America with a good family.