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Daily Broadcasts for the Week of October 15-19, 2018

 All of our broadcasts for the past year are available to listen to online, or to download to your computer for transferring to an audio player like an iPod or other music device. For instructions on downloading, click here 


October 15-16, 2018


Signs of the Times. Part 1

Signs of the Times... Part 2

Host: Larry Spargimino              Guest: Bob Glaze

The signs are unmistakable.
We've always had earthquakes but this many? We've always faced natural disasters but this terrible? We've always had Middle East tensions but this intense? This widespread? 
Jesus said there would be clear signs in our world before His return. Over the last few months and years, as we read headline after amazing headline, those signs seem to be escalating. Could Christ's return and our world's final days be very far away? Greg Laurie opens the Scriptures, offering insight, warning, and encouragement to "make the most of every opportunity" in these challenging days.

October 17-18, 2018


Fobidden History Revealed.. Part 1

Forbidden History Revealed... Part 2

Host: Larry Sparagimino: Guest: Stephen Quayle

For the first time in history; an eye witness account of the fact that Egyptian artifaccts and giant skeletons were taken from the grand canyon and stored in the secret, underground Smithsonian warehouse. 

  • Why are the land forms on the Grand Canyon named for Egyptian deities? 
  • Why is the DNA of giant mummies and giant sketetons being extracted by the militaries of the world? 
  • Was a live 21 foot giant captured in 1877, with the most unusual features ever noted?
  • Will the giants of yesterday become the super soldiers of tomorrow?

October 19, 2018


The Second Coming of the New Age.. Part 2


Host: Larry Spargimino Guest: Josh Peck

The New Age movement has returned with full force in our culture taking the West and its churches by storm.

All across North America, Christian churches have unknowingly encouraged occult beliefs and practices far removed from what the Bible teaches. This unfortunate reality is intrinsically linked to the popularity increase of New Age spirituality in the twenty-first century, and we've been so influenced by its integration into our society that we have become blind to recognizing, and preventing, the effects of this mainstream, pop-culture heresy, even within the walls of God's house.