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Disarming the Powers of Darkness Book & Spiritual Warfare DVD

SKU: G428


Scripture is clear: the spiritual battlefield is real, and the Enemy is determined. But most Christians are ill-equipped and unprepared when attacked, and even fewer are on the offensive.

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Disarming the Powers of Darkness – Eric Barger & David Benoit

Eric Barger and co-author David Benoit draw on many decades of personal experience and research to provide every believer with a battle plan for spiritual victory. With emphatic reliance on the Word of God, you’ll be challenged, enlightened, and strengthened to take up the Armor of God and fight the good fight – disarming the powers of darkness day by day!

151 pages

Spiritual Warfare: Defeating Darkness Seven Ways – Eric Barger

This message has helped thousands implement practical tools for daily victory! Learn what the Scriptures teach about the authority of the Believer, the blood of Christ, the power of praise and more.