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Disarming the Powers of Darkness (DVD) David Benoit

SKU: X225


David Benoit teaches how occult practices have crept into our everyday lives.

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Disarming the Powers of Darkness (DVD) David Benoit

Scripture is clear: the spiritual battlefield is real and the Enemy is determined. But most Christians are ill-equipped and unprepared when attacked, and even fewer are on the offensive. Still others write off spiritual warfare as irrelevant today, while on the other extreme some credit Satan for every imaginable problem in life. The purpose of this 2 DVD teaching set is to provide biblical balance and clarity in order to establish a proper battle plan – exposing the Enemy for who he really is and showing Christians how to win this war with the spiritual weapons already at their disposal.

In these DVDs you will discover:

  • Who was the first devil worshipper?
  • Can a Christian be a witch?
  • Is reincarnation taught in the Bible?
  • Can people talk to the dead?
  • If God is so great, why doesn’t He just kill the devil?
  • Can a Christian be demon possessed?
  • Can a person sell their soul to the devil?

David Benoit has packed this video seminar with information vital to every believer:

  1. Eight reason why God tolerates the devil
  2. Seven reasons people get into the occult
  3. Five ways Satan can use fantasies
  4. Four reasons why a person cannot be a Christian witch