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Don’t miss the boat

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”  Daniel 12:4

The astronomer and physicist, Sir Isaac Newton, who died in 1727, was a Christian. He loved Bible prophecy. Newton commented on Daniel 12, 4. He said, “Near the time of the return of the Lord Jesus Christ there will be an increase in knowledge. Men will travel at a rapid rate of speed, maybe even 40 or 50 miles an hour.

Voltaire, the hard-hearted infidel mocked Newton and said, “See, Christianity makes people who are normally brilliant turn into fools”. Doesn’t Newton know that if a man travels at 40 or 50 miles an hour, he would not be able to breathe and would suffocate? “Daniel was correct. “Knowledge shall be increased.” … Friends, as we look at the news, we should not just be gathering facts. We should be getting ready for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our first item focuses on George Soros. Does anyone know who George Soros is? He is the billionaire who hates Christianity and hates America. He thinks American sovereignty, freedom, belief in human dignity, marriage and the home are bad. Soros would like to see all the things that Christians believe and promote be abolished. So, what’s his political affiliation? In case you can’t figure it out, the answer is Democrat.

Newsweek, for 1979, quoted Soros: “I’ve made my life’s mission to destroy the United States. I hate this country and I hate all the people in it.”  Soros believes that the United States is the main obstacle to a stable and just world.”

Just look at some of the candidates that Soros supports. He provided a second million dollars to boost Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial run. Abrams, former member of the Georgia House of Representatives, has supported left-wing candidates like Beto O’Rourke, Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer.

The Epoch Times, for November 7, 2022, announced Soros tops list of biggest Donors This Midterm Season, gave $128 million dollars to elect Democrats. So, you are voting for candidates who are being supported by George Soros, whose great goal in life is to destroy America? If Soros succeeds, where will you move? They say the winters in Pyongyang aren’t too bad, but the temperature in your home or apartment will be regulated by the government. Don’t forget to bring your insulated underwear.

Moving on to another item of interest – Dr. Peter McCullough, world renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist—with 677 scientific publications to his credit—is facing loss of his board certification in cardiology and internal medicine because of his outspoken criticism 0f the COVID vaccine protocols.

In my book, Needless Death: COVID, Corruption, Control I cite Dr. McCullough several times. He raises a number of objections to the COVID vaccines, and also has a number of medical professionals who agree with him.

McCullough was recently interviewed regarding the charge that he is spreading “misinformation.” He said, “I can tell you this is unprecedented. We’ve never had a federal board like this, recommend that a doctor become decertified because of political reasons”.

After launching an initiative on COVID “misinformation” in September 2021, the American Board of Internal Medicine targeted statements McCullough made to the Texas Senate the previous March on media. In May of 2022 the board sent a letter to McCullough accusing him of spreading misinformation. McCullough crafted a 20-page response, citing the evidence for each statement he made, and requested that he be allowed to attend the meeting about his case. The board denied the request and sent him a letter informing him that the meeting had taken place and the board had decided to remove his credentials.

There is some good news, and that focuses on the growth of Christianity in Communist China.

Matthew 24:14 says, “And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.”

Friends, this is happening right now. The Gospel is being preached all over the world—even in very hostile places. It is absolutely amazing. Hostile governments are trying to hinder and stop the growth of the Gospel. But listen—at the present time there are an estimated 150 million Christians in China, making them China’s largest religious minority. They are severely persecuted for their faith, but in spite of that their numbers continue to grow—and that’s under the anti-Christian, godless tyranny of President Xi Jin Ping.

In their book, A Star In the East: The Rise of Christianity in China, Rodney Stark and Xinua Wang ask an important question: “Why is there such phenomenal growth of Christianity in China?” They believe the growth of the church includes the better educated who are experiencing “cultural incongruity” between traditional Asian culture and industrial-technological modernity, which results in spiritual deprivation, which Christianity alone is able to answer.

Millions of Chinese are well-educated, think very carefully about lots of important things, and are diligent students of what they want to learn and study.

Stark and Wang explain that Eastern religions like Taoism and Confucianism are all “anti-progress” and proclaim the world is going downhill from a glorious past and that we should look backwards not forwards. For millions of Chinese, the question is “What does life mean and how do we live in the modern world?” The answers that the Bible provides explains why it is the most educated Chinese who are the most apt to join.

The rapid growth of Christianity across China terrifies the Chinese Communist to the point that drastic measures are taken to stamp out Christianity. Marx called for making government “god”—the provider, sustainer, protector and supreme lawgiver—and Marxism the state religion. Millions of Chinese are not being fooled.

As we close, I want to remind our listeners of the story of Noah and the Ark. It is a wonderful story of Almighty God, and His love. It also reminds us that judgment is coming, perhaps very quickly. We can learn two lessons. The first one: Don’t miss the boat. Those who did perished in the great flood.

Jesus is our ark of safety and salvation. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.” Don’t miss the boat.

There is another lesson in the account of the Ark—and it is this: For those who are faithfully serving the Lord and doing His will, there is always a rainbow at the end of the story.

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Larry Spargimino

Dr. Larry Spargimino is co-host of the SWRC broadcast and joined the ministry in 1998. Larry researches and writes books and articles for the ministry, assists on tours, and helps answer listeners' theological questions when they call the ministry. Larry holds a doctorate from Southwestern Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, and pastors a local church.

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