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Eugenics & You: Another ‘hybridization of humanity’?

by Jon Ruetz from Billy Crone’s book, Klaus Schwab Eugenics & the Rise of the Nephilim.

“Change is gonna come.”

It’s an old phrase, used in countless stories and songs, sometimes indicating the hopeful promise of better times ahead. But sometimes it is the harbinger of the exact opposite.

Billy Crone, pastor-teacher of Las Vegas-based Get A Life Ministries, has written a new book about some of the most unsettling changes in modern life. Klaus Schwab: Eugenics & the Rise of the Nephilim is a 352-page analysis of the instigator and driving force behind what is sometimes called “The Great Reset,” and an in-depth examination of that vast scheme for all-encompassing change which may well result in the remaking of life itself.

Crone has spent his own life studying Bible prophecy. Again and again, he connects modern developments with long-ago warnings of what would happen as mankind approached the “End Times.” His book is filled with those Biblical references.

The antediluvian Nephilim are mentioned in some Bible translations. The King James Version describes them as “giants” and “mighty men who were of old, the men of renown” (Genesis 6). Bible scholars disagree on precisely what that means. It is generally accepted that they were mysterious beings of unusually large size and strength, yet considered “the fallen ones” – the word is traced back to the Hebrew naphal, which means “to fall.”

Among several theories, some believe they were fallen angels who had relations with “the daughters of men,” resulting in part-human, part-supernatural beings. It is from that postulation that Crone works, building on Bible prophecy, and issues his urgent warnings about the results of modern human tampering with God’s creation.

“The Bible records for us another repeat of wicked behavior in the days of Noah, and that was the tweaking of humanity into some sort of a hybrid type creature called the Nephilim,” Crone says. “They weren’t humans anymore. There had been an intermingling, a hybridization of humanity going on. That was one of the major reasons why God judged the planet the first time.”

Crone carefully lays out the more recent history of how Schwab organized the European Management Forum in 1971, which met yearly in Davos, Switzerland, and promoted “stakeholder” capitalism, in which businesses and governments partnered in a push for control of technology and methods that could force civilization to yield to incredible, relentless changes brought on by the expansion of scientific knowledge, data and new, merciless authoritarian techniques.

The consortium transformed into the World Economic Forum in 1987. On its website, the organization self-defines as “the global platform for public-private cooperation,” and nebulously promotes its creation of “partnerships between businessmen, politicians, intellectuals and other leaders of society to define, discuss and advance key issues on the global agenda.”

Some digging is required to uncover precisely what that agenda is, and Crone’s shovel is sharp. The well-known labeling is innocuous and includes the “New World Order” and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” along with “The Great Reset,” which was officially launched in Davos in 2020.

The author of many books and host of several video presentations that are akin to documentaries, in which he lays out the results of extensive research, Crone dismisses those anodyne phrases. After tracing Schwab’s German roots, and his family’s connection to Hitler’s National Socialist ideology and agenda from the 1930s, Crone declares his own unnerving label for the proposed reset: “the Fourth Reich.”

Many of the scientific discoveries and techniques Crone has researched are astounding. He calls it a “staggering confluence of emerging technology breakthroughs, covering wide-ranging fields such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the internet of things (IOT), autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage and quantum computing, just to name a few. Many of these innovations build on and amplify each other, in a fusion of technologies across the physical, digital and biological worlds.”

The list alone is almost overwhelming and, at first glance, the innovations seem to be filled with promise.

A desultory internet search for computer-based enhanced intelligence yields hundreds, even thousands of articles about the current opportunities to augment the capacity of the human mind with implants and existing computers.

There are multiple stories about “intelligence amplification” and the hastening of research on new drugs to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s, and even the chance to help paralyzed people be able to regain movement. Similarly, brainpower can be “amped up”—an individual can potentially recall every word spoken in conversation, speed through crossword puzzles, drive better due to enhanced senses, or to quickly learn new languages. Existing computer interfaces already enable a connected brain to move the cursor on a screen or even robotic limbs.

However, upon closer examination, there are looming and obvious dangers, and some of them are horrifying, recalling another old phrase: The devil is in the details.

Crone fears that perhaps the great danger posed by “The Great Reset” stems from the focus on genetics, the study of the information contained within the cells of living organisms, ranging from stalks of wheat and corn to animals such as mice, sheep and cattle – and even mosquitos. And then, inevitably, the list expands to human beings.

That focus is hardly new. Again, Crone draws comparisons to Hitler, who was a firm believer in eugenics—the science of improving the human population by controlled breeding “to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics.” The dictator encouraged, or forced, doctors and scientists to conduct inhuman experiments on prisoners, children —especially twins—and the handicapped in his crusade to “purify” the race and create the “Übermensch,” generally defined as superior men who could rise above conventional Christian morality to create and impose their own values. That grotesque philosophy is usually attributed to the 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spake Zarathustra.

Promising increased well-being, intelligence and longevity, “Reset” promoters are openly encouraging researchers and scientists to continue, and expand, the “hybridization of humanity.” They proudly label the effort “Human 2.0” and boast of successes like the new CRISPR technology, the acronym for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.

“Which is a fancy way of saying that they now have technology to individually slice and dice human DNA, plant DNA, and animal DNA. Anything that’s got DNA, they can slice and dice it. Take it out, put it in. Mix something foreign into it. It’s not coming. It’s already here. It’s a new way of genetic altering technology that came out in 2012,” Crone says, introducing a national news media interview with CRISPR co-inventor Jennifer Doudna.

“Think about a filmstrip, and you see a particular segment of the film that you want to replace. If you have a film splicer, you will go in and literally cut it out and piece it back together, maybe with a new clip. Now we are able to do that with the genetic code – the code of life. You would go in and snip out a piece and replace it with something that corrects the mutation that causes the disease,” Doudna says.

“What are we talking about here?” Crone asks. “The ability to literally alter human DNA down to slicing and dicing the actual DNA of someone, piecing it together, adding, taking out whatever you want, like editing the filmstrips in a movie. Only it’s not a movie; it’s a real person you’re altering.

“And they really don’t know the long-term effect of this stuff. It’s kind of like monkeys learning to fly the space shuttle. Probably ain’t going to go well. Because when you take out a strand of DNA, you can put something else back in, but these are irreversible changes. You can’t put it back together again, like it was originally,” Crone says.

“So, you have forever altered what is called the human germ line. So, if that human survives, any prodigy after them is different from the original design. How much of this altering can you do to people, until they aren’t even people anymore? Nobody knows!”

While genetic altering has generally been a process taking place over time, newly created, sophisticated “chips”—tiny electronic devices which can be implanted into a person’s body or brain—have an immediate effect. Development is well underway, and Crone believes it may be farther along than is commonly known. Yet there is little if any oversight.

That reality worries Crone deeply. He repeatedly asks: “This is what we know, which is bad enough. What do we not know?”

Sometimes humorously, Crone labels Schwab and his followers as “Klaus and the Gang.” But his tone changes, especially with one of the main figures in that group. Yuval Noah Harari is Schwab’s “visionary scientific advisor.” Crone thinks Harari’s chilling words are cause for alarm and lets him speak for himself:

“Just as we have gotten used to having an ‘external’ Big Brother watching us all the time wherever we go, so now we will have to get used to an ‘internal’ Big Brother watching and monitoring our bodies and brains, whether we have COVID or some other disease, including ‘diseased’ thoughts or emotions.

“So, today I want to talk to you about the future of our species, and really the future of life. Science is replacing evolution by natural selection with evolution by intelligent design. Not the intelligent design of some God above the clouds, but our intelligent design.

“Earth will be dominated by entities that are no different from us than we are different from Neanderthals or from chimpanzees. Because, in the coming generations, we will learn how to engineer bodies and brains and minds. Now, how exactly will the future masters of the planet look like? Humanity will split, not into classes, it will split into species, into different species. We are probably one of the last generations of homo sapiens,” Harari said.

Sadly, old lines of defense for the protection of innocent people in such developments have been weakened. Crone methodically lists them, and how they have failed—medical ethics, education, government and, of course, political discussion and dialogue. The common denominator for that breakdown is piles of dollars that have poured in from questionable or sometimes unknown sources, literally buying influence and censorship.

Saddest of all is that the same effect is being felt in churches throughout the nation. Crone quotes the apostle:

“But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lord who bought them —bringing swift destruction to themselves. Many (the Church) will follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. In their greed these teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. (2 Peter 2:1-9)

“This is every preacher promoting the ‘Word of Faith’ teachings, perfect health and perfect wealth,” Crone says. “They are doing it because they are making money. They are ripping people off. ‘If you sow to my ministry, God will give you 100 percent.’ All that is baloney. That’s in this passage.

“God told us 2,000 years ago, and the way they will exploit you, in the Greek, literally means you are a product in the marketplace. These guys – it’s not about the truth for them. They are false teachers. They are doing it on purpose, because they are greedy.

“They are treating you like a product, and the product is: ‘You exist to give me your money.’ Is that happening today? Turn on so-called Christian TV, and that’s it. It’s everywhere. Many will do that, and that’s a sign you are in the last days,” Crone says.

As Crone explores each mind-numbing topic, he invariably repeats: “It only gets worse.”

Cloning that began with Dolly the sheep in 1997 has spread widely. Today, China is boasting of a cloning factory – the world’s largest. “It’s happening in various locations, where camels, carp, cats, cattle, coyotes, deer, dogs, frogs, fruit flies, goats, horses, mice, monkeys, mules, pigs, rabbits, rats, sheep and Arctic wolves have been cloned – just to name a few!” Crone says.

There are already “augmented humans” and “Chimeric humans”– human/animal hybrids – such as at a farm in rural Virginia, where half the pigs are clones, and being genetically engineered to make their organs suitable for transplanting into humans. The altruistic idea behind the research is to help fill the need for donated organs. However, one researcher noted there is “already evidence that benign viruses that exist naturally in pigs could be transferred to humans with catastrophic consequences.”

Crone says “that leaves the proverbial question: How far can you genetically tweak a human, so they are no longer human? Is it just a little bit or a whole bunch? Is it 10 percent? Is it 90 percent? How much do you have to be changed?”

“Now mixing and matching with animals … How far do you go until you are no longer human?” Crone asks. “There’s all kinds of complications and abnormalities that occur when you clone things. Disease, including premature aging. Or much of the time the organisms die shortly thereafter.”

The promotion for “designer babies,” through which parents can choose hair and eye color, height, weight – perhaps even intelligence level – began in earnest two years ago with CRISPR. Today animals are being “raised” in bags of fluid, designated as “remote wombs.” Researchers promise that human embryos will soon follow.

A chapter of Crone’s book focuses on the ongoing billion-dollar efforts by the Department of Defense and its Defense and Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to engineer “super soldiers” with extraordinary, even superhuman abilities through numerous external and internal “enhancements.”

The new Biological Technical Office is developing multiple programs, such as cybernetic prosthetics –including the eye, nose, hand and exoskeleton – that will integrate with the human nervous system.

Meanwhile, DARPA is set to spend millions on developing implantable microchips that will allow the human brain to directly communicate with computer systems, and developing a soldier that can run faster than any human alive, doesn’t have to eat or sleep for days and can re-grow limbs. “Talk about a bionic upgrade! Steve Austin, eat your heart out,” Crone says, recalling the old Six Million Dollar Man television series.

Again, at first look, it seems like a reasonable contingency plan in a dangerous world.

“But let’s face it – it’s only a matter of time before this ends up in the wrong hands, and we would have real-life super-villains,” Crone says.

He explains in detail how the chips and assorted implants, which promise the cleansing of problematic PTSD or depression from the mind, could also be used to remove other thoughts, such as the belief in God, and manipulate soldiers into believing something different was happening than that which was actually occurring.

Crone fears that development could lead to soldiers turning on their fellow countrymen, or disbelieving an event like the Second Coming of Jesus, which might explain how the Antichrist and the False Prophet will be able to deceive men so thoroughly and assemble their dreaded, evil army for the battlefield at Armageddon, as foretold in the Book of Revelation.

Crone’s concerns are magnified as he quotes a prominent commentator: “God is dead and Jesus is fake news, according to the World Economic Forum, and its leaders have acquired divine powers to rule over humanity. According to the WEF, a new One World Religion has arrived, and it unites all of humanity in worshiping at the altar of Climate Science, Techno Communism and Eugenics.

“If you find it hard to believe that Klaus Schwab’s WEF would go this far, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to the developments in recent times.

Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, Yuval Harari has announced that the WEF has been so successful in its plan that it’s acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction. The blasphemy doesn’t stop there, Harari also promises that the WEF will turn humans into gods.”

Harari has spent the last few years lecturing and writing about what might lie ahead for humankind. His writings have been recommended by former President Obama, as well as tech moguls Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Again, Crone uses Harari’s own words:

“Developing even bigger powers than even before, we are really acquiring divine powers of creation and destruction. We are really upgrading humans into gods that are acquiring the power to re-engineer life.

“All these stories about Jesus rising from the dead and being the Son of God, this is fake news. Humans are now hackable animals. We don’t need to wait for Jesus Christ to come back to Earth in order to overcome death. A couple of geeks in the laboratory can do it.”

Thus spake the “visionary science advisor.”

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Jon Ruetz

Jon Ruetz is a former newspaper reporter and editor, author and longtime journalism teacher. He now writes for the Prophecy in the News magazine and is spearheading SWRC’s new audiobooks branch.

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