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How Close Is the End? (DVD) Ed Hindson

SKU: X1563


Three outstanding teaching presentations by Dr. Ed Hindson!

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How Close Is the End? (DVD) Ed Hindson

What can people on Earth expect during the last days? In all the chaos that the Bible predicts, several events stand out as truly extraordinary―so much so that they arouse many questions from both Christians and non-Christians. What are these events, and what makes them so significant? Longtime Bible prophecy expert Ed Hindson surveys each one in detail and explains the impact they will have in these three teaching presentations.

  • – Seven Future Events That Will Change the World
  • Signs of the Times: How Close Is the End?
  • Can We Still Believe In the Rapture?

These outstanding presentations by Dr. Hindson were recorded live at the Southwest Radio Ministries 2015 East Coast Prophecy Conference.

Dr. Ed Hindson (1944-2022) was as an American Christian evangelist and host of The King Is Coming, a syndicated television broadcast shown across the United States. Hindson wrote more than twenty books that deal with Bible prophecy and the imminent return of Jesus. He was a professor of Old Testament studies and eschatology at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and a frequent speaker on prophecy.