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It’s Not a Mystery… It’s a Mission for Micah

Many years ago, the allure of historical mysteries triggered the interest of Micah Van Huss, and led to his lifelong study of ancient scriptural enigmas.

The host and producer of Marginal Mysteries for Southwest Radio Ministries, Van Huss has taken his research to a new level with his just released volume, The Earth As It Was.

In the book, Van Huss focuses on a variety of fascinating topics, beginning with the universe of Elohim – the name for God used frequently in the Hebrew Bible. He closely examines the firmament, properly defined, with waters both above and below, along with an in-depth explanation of the actual timeline of Creation and man’s existence.

There are intriguing, unforgettable stories, such as how giants once lived on the Earth and, many centuries later, how American Indians showed their hands as a greeting – specifically to see if either individual had any of that blood in his veins.

Readers will learn about the animals which roamed the Earth, and the astounding height of the unshakeable believer who followed God’s directions to build an ark in order to save a pair of each species from the flood.

“We study the layer of ice that existed in our atmosphere before it broke at the flood of Noah. We discuss the effects that it had on the antediluvian humans, earth and animals,” Van Huss says.

“The book includes an in-depth study of dinosaurs and the fact that they were created on the same day as man. We also study modern-day dinosaurs that may still roam our planet.

“We study the Watchers and their offspring, the Nephilim. We lay out scriptural evidence of the corruption that they brought to Elohim’s creation. We study these fallen angels and demons which are the spirits of the Nephilim.”

Van Huss says he uses “writings, legends and archaeological records to attempt to answer some of the mysteries and questions – including stories your Sunday school teacher wouldn’t talk about… I love studying the mysteries of God’s universe. Southwest Radio Ministries has given me the opportunity to do what I love.”

That love began in earnest two decades ago.

“I had always been taught that Noah was chosen to survive the flood because he was righteous. About 20 years ago, my brother Clayton pointed Genesis 6:9 out to me. Yes Noah was righteous, but the King James Version says that God chose Noah because he was ‘perfect in his generations.’ This means that God chose him because his bloodline had not become tainted with that of the Nephilim or the Watchers, the fallen angels that we read about only eight verses earlier.

“When Clayton told me that, and I gained this realization, I couldn’t stop studying the topic. I started reading all I could.”

A devoted Christian, Van Huss came to know Jesus Christ as his savior at age 7 – the same year when he reportedly asked his Sunday school teacher a fairly risqué question about angels. He developed his personal relationship with God while studying computer science at Pensacola Christian College.

Well-spoken and smiling easily, Van Huss does not immediately emanate the toughness of a man who served four tours of duty as a U.S. Marine Corps scout sniper and a Department of Defense contractor in both Iraq and Afghanistan. After returning home from the war zones, he served four terms in the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Semper fidelis – “always faithful” – is the Corps’ celebrated motto. Van Huss carries it with him, especially for his family – his wife, Annie, to whom he dedicates his book, for her love and hard work – and their children, Dixie and Gunner. It also encourages action for a man who will stop his own labors to assist someone else, or to cut and deliver a load of firewood to a needy friend.

Van Huss stands firmly on the source of such noble and generous convictions. He is adamant that the belief in God does, and should, set the stage for every man and woman’s existence, and all they experience during their brief stay on the planet.

“The Bible should be every human’s foundation for life. It’s truth,” Van Huss says.
“I speculate about everything, but never in contradiction to the word of God. Many Christians today excuse the mysteries of scripture as allegory. I believe that scripture is a whole lot more literal than some like to believe.

“It’s important because Jesus says that his return comes as a thief in the night and to know the signs of the times. Jesus also says that as the days of Noah were, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.”

And, knowing that the past is prologue, and that vital elements of biblical truth are learned clearly only from study, as the Apostle Paul exhorted his young protégé Timothy, Van Huss asks the simple, powerful question: “How can we be ready for Christ’s return if we don’t know what it was like in the days of Noah?”

Earth as it Was is a natural and appropriate follow-up to Van Huss’ first book. Ancient Cities And The gods Who Built Them centers on the idea that the cities, wonders, and monuments of old were built by the Nephilim using technology given to humankind by their fathers, the Watchers. We lack the technology today to cut and place many of the stones used in constructing sites around the world.

“Similarly, much of The Earth as it Was covers Genesis, but we also tie the events contained therein to New Testament and future prophetic events,” Van Huss says.

Both volumes focus on the serious reality of the story of Creation, as opposed to the inane theories put forth by modern scientific “experts,” perhaps beginning with Charles Darwin, seeking to undercut the truth of the Bible.

“Secular scientists, geologists, and professors are under a tremendous amount of pressure to deny God’s existence. Most are threatened with excommunication from the religion of evolution, thus ending their respective careers,” Van Huss writes, adding a jest that has sadly become more serious in recent days: “Evolution comes from the same science that can’t tell you what a woman is.”

Van Huss believes there are two reasons that there are people who are uncomfortable with, or reluctant to embrace some of the history he brings forward.

“First is it scares some people. It’s the truth, and it scares them. Another reason is they don’t want to appear looney – a ‘conspiracy theorist’ – and this is not stuff we see with our own eyes today. I think a lot of people are afraid of being thought a conspiracy theorist though it is for exactly what the Bible says.

“And there’s another aspect probably, and I still have some of that. I’m not interested in studying deeply into demonology. It’s just an area into which I don’t want to go. So I think there is some fear of getting into some of that, even though the Bible clearly talks about some of those things.”

Along with many others, Van Huss believes that noticeable effects of evil – hatefulness, hatred, and crime – are increasing both because there are many more people in our nation now than a century ago, but also that the percentage of offenders is rising as well.

“There are two reasons for that. The first, easier one is the hedge of protection that I think God has had around America – an invisible force of protection. Whether He has lifted it, I don’t know, but it sure feels like it.

“The other side of that is that we’ve taken God out of our society, in schools and everywhere else. People shooting up schools, people committing suicide by cop, people shooting their wives and children – these evils have always persisted but I think it’s increasing,” Van Huss says.

“The speed of information, especially with the internet, has definitely exacerbated the problem. And with that you’re not alone. In older days, you wouldn’t have had a group – people who were interested in or even supported such actions. Now, even if it’s murderers or school shooters, you have a group.

“The power of Satan is literally everywhere – from secret societies trying to take over life as we know it, to denial of Scripture, to my children watching a Disney movie with sexual sin in it.”

Van Huss says his fondest wish is to help be a counterbalance for the truth.

“I hope that readers will see that God’s word is true and therefore can trust that Jesus is who He says that He is. I want folks to know that the ‘religion’ of evolution is attempting to mock God and His creation.

“I hope to have painted a good picture of what the Earth was like before Noah’s flood. I also want to convey that there is a lot more truth to our mythologies than most like to admit. There are so many of our ancient stories that back up scripture.”

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The Earth as it Was Book

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Jon Ruetz

Jon Ruetz is a former newspaper reporter and editor, author and longtime journalism teacher. He now writes for the Prophecy in the News magazine and is spearheading SWRC’s new audiobooks branch.

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