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Levels of Biblical Interpretation – DVD by J.R. Church

SKU: X1457


Learn the secret level of Biblical interpretation!

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Christian theology offers three levels of Biblical interpretation – the Primary Interpretation (simple reading of the Word); Practical Application, and Prophetic Implication. In these three levels, the new Christian is encouraged to advance. First, one must read the Bible – over and over again – until it is quite familiar. Following the reading of the Scriptures, the young Christian begins to get a sense of how to live, how to get along with others, how to be honest and honorable, etc. That is the practical application of the Scriptures. But, God, who created us and teaches us how to live while we are here, does not leave us in the dark concerning the future. Thus, the Bible should also be looked upon as containing prophecies of a bright and glorious future. Another way of looking at these levels would be to put them in perspective as teaching us the past, present, and future. However, Judaism teaches four levels of interpretation. The first three levels are very similar to Christian theology. But they add a secret level. J.R. Church delivered this lecture at a prophecy conference in Florida. You will learn about the secret level and be challenged to study the Bible in a new light. It could transform your life!