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Miracles in American History Book—Volume 2 – Bill Federer

SKU: S1646


Inspiring stories of revivals, faith, and captivating courage from America’s history.

“As religious faith is the foundation of free government, so is prayer an indispensable part of that faith.”
—President Dwight Eisenhower, December 24, 1953

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Amazing Faith that Shaped the Nation

Captivating stories of revivals, battle heroes, missionaries, and courage from America’s history including:

  • William Penn Given 45,000 Square Miles in America
  • Penn’s Holy Experiment: “The Seed of a Nation”
  • Pere Marquette Braves the Mississippi
  • Great Faith of the Moravian Missionaries
  • Wesley’s “The Religion of the Heart”
  • Whitefield and the Great Awakening Revival in America
  • Molly Pitcher, Betsy Ross and Courageous Women of the Revolution
  • Francis Asbury and the Circuit-Riding Preachers
  • Early Black Preachers and Missionaries
  • Richard Allen and the AME Church
  • “Black Harry” Hosier
  • “Amazing Grace”: Newton and Wilberforce
  • Second Great Awakening Camp Meetings
  • Timothy Dwight and the Yale Student Revival
  • Haystack Prayer Meeting and World Missions
  • Indians Look for “Book to Heaven”: Whitmans and Northwest Missions
  • John Stewart: Missionary to Wyandot Indians
  • Missionaries to Hawaii
  • Volcano Defied and Hawaiian Great Awakening
  • Charles Finney’s Revival: “Every Member Must Work”
  • William and Catherine Booth: The Salvation Army
  • George Williams and the YMCA
  • Thousands Join Layman’s Prayer Revival and Third Great Awakening
  • Shoe Salesman to Evangelist: Dwight L. Moody
  • From Slave to College President: Booker T. Washington
  • Booker T. Washington’s Wisdom and World Influence
  • Katherine Lee Bates and “America the Beautiful”
  • Baseball Star to National Preacher: Billy Sunday
  • Helen Keller: “Things Unseen Are Eternal”
  • Eddie Rickenbacker: World War I Fighter Ace
  • U.S. Military: “For God and Country”
  • Four Chaplains Day
  • John F. Kennedy and PT109
  • God’s Samura: Lead Pilot at Pearl Harbor Becomes Evangelist
  • Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I have a dream”
  • Billy Graham: “If Ever We Needed God’s Help, It Is Now”
  • NASA and Astronauts: Prayer on the Moon