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Old-Time Gospel in Prophecy Volume 1- 2 Plus Bonus Book

SKU: G1025


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The Old Time Gospel in Prophecy Volume 1 and 2 Plus a Bonus Book

Dr. E.F. Webber Late Founder and Pastor of The Southwest Radio Church

Recorded in The 1950’s

Volume 1 Includes

  1. Record of the Virgin Birth
  2. The Suffering Christ
  3. The Glorified Face of Christ
  4. Dispensationalism
  5. Where are the Christian Dead now?
  6. The Rapture
  7. One Shall be Taken
  8. Prophecy and this Worlds Problems
  9. The Jew in Prophecy
  10. Three Reasons why the USA is a Great Nation
  11. Russia, Germany, and the General Apostacy
  12. Revived Roman Empire

Volume 2 Includes

  1. The Worlds Greatest Plague
  2. Behold the Salvation of God
  3. God’s Way is Union With Christ
  4. God’s Restoring Love
  5. God’s Blessed Man
  6. Winning Souls To The Lord Jesus Christ
  7. Three Questions Concerning The Gospel
  8. The New Life in Christ
  9. Can any Man be Kept out of The Kingdom
  10. The Secret of Spiritual Power and Blessing
  11. The More Abundant Life
  12. Eagle Saints

Bonus Book

The Man Everyone Ought To Know By E. F. Webber and The life Of E.F. Webber