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Past Influences on Today’s Church (CD)

SKU: X1023


Is the Bible inerrant and infallible or “made up of a lot of myths and fables”?

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Is the Bible inerrant and infallible or “made up of a lot of myths and fables”?

Listeners will take away numerous nuggets of information, inspiration and a better knowledge of church history around the world from this classic conversation between “founding father of the religious right” Carl McIntire and then-SWRC host Noah Hutchings, both of whom have now gone to Glory.

Dr. McIntire was known worldwide for his devotion for his involvement in nearly every U.S. cultural event from the 1930s through the 1970s and pastoral engagement in politics, business, and religious disputes. His connections were varied – which ranged from J. Howard Pew to J. Edgar Hoover to Bob Jones to J. Gresham Machen – and his activities vast, including print, book publishing, radio broadcasts and newspaper. Following the Second World War, McIntire rolled this presence into a comprehensive fundamentalist political vision he called the “Twentieth Century Reformation,” summoning Bible-believing fundamentalists to political action by voting and entering political office to implement a right-wing political vision.

In this audio recording, the “fighting fundamentalist,” then in his 90s, and SWRC host Noah Hutchings discuss the battle with the churches, domestically and abroad, “over the Bible.”  McIntire terms it “the modernists vs. the fundamentalists.”