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Prophecy in Light of Today – Charles H. Dyer

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Six well-known authors examine the end-times.

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Prophecy in Light of Today – Charles H. Dyer

The events of September 11, 2001, shook the United States to its very core. No words could adequately describe the horror felt around the world. This immense catastrophe has caused many to desire a deeper understanding of how biblical prophecy relates to today’s culture. In November, 2001, a conference was held on the campus of Moody Bible Institute called Prophecy in Light of Today. This book is born out of that conference, featuring outstanding teachers such as Dr. Mark Bailey, Dr. Michael Rydelnik, and Dr. Erwin Lutzer. Forward by Joseph M. Stowell.

  • Will the world ever find a peace to end all peace?
  • What do the Koran and Hadid say about the end of the world?
  • What is the role of Satan in the events of September 11th?
  • How is prophecy relevant to the here and now?

Using recent events as a springboard, this collection of powerful messages will guide you through various aspects of God’s plan for the world with one central theme – God is in control! This “earthly” life is temporary and fleeting. Our hope reaches beyond this life to eternity.

Contributing authors and topics include:

  • The Peace to End All Peace: The Origin and Activity of the Antichrist – Dr. Charles Dyer
  • Ground Zero: The Centrality of Israel in the Coming World Crisis – Dr. Michael Rydel
  • The Future of Islamic Fundamentalism: Is Islam behind the Attack of Gog and Magog? – Dr. Samuel Naaman
  • When All Hell Breaks Loose: The Spiritual Nature of the Conflict and the Role of Satan – Dr. Erwin Lutzer
  • From Here to Eternity: Overview of the End Times – Dr. Mark Bailey
  • How Should We Then Live? The Relevance of Prophecy for the “Here and Now” – Dr. Larry Mercer