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Prophetic Observer

The Prophetic Observer is a publication of Southwest Radio Ministries that examines events which have prophetic significance. To the world, these situations might seem trivial or unimportant. But to the Christian, it shows God fulfilling His plan and purpose for mankind (Luke 21:28). Each month we examine a topic or event that relates to the fulfillment of end-time prophecies. Although current events may seem trivial and unimportant to many, Christians know that these events are fulfilling the prophecies which are hastening the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Prophetic Observer is one of our more popular features. Many of our listeners use these articles as a witnessing tool to friends and family, or for church or home Bible studies.

The Purpose of Israel’s Blindness

 EDITOR’S NOTE: Romans 11 reveals God’s future for Israel. Misunderstanding this important doctrine creates many problems for students of God’s Word in general and Bible prophecy in particular. This is

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Is It Part of One-World “Conditioning”? Technological breakthroughs march the world toward the biblical end-times scenario with each passing day. What was once inconceivable just 100 years ago is now

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Climate Change Truths

Climate change hysteria continues to escalate in our world, and the consequences are dire. Climate alarmists claim that severe weather will increase, millions of human lives will be lost, species

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Signs of the Final Harvest

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has publicly stated that she is a Christian. Born in Somalia, Ali was a Muslim, but became a strong critic of Islam and later became a central

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Christ Was Conceived on Christmas Day

Many Christians are reticent to observe Christmas because many of the events or celebrations associated with Christmas are of a secular or paganistic origin. However, let us consider: Is there

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From Genesis to Revelation the unseen power of God is manifested in a divine person, the Holy Spirit. The pristine power of God is Spirit. We read in Genesis 1:2,

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Feeling Anxious?

Try God’s Blueprint for Restful Living Do you feel like Lot? He’s Abraham’s nephew who lived in Sodom and Gomorrah. How could we possibly identify with him?  Peter explains that

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Ripped Out of the Headlines

Is Christianity in America at Its Lowest Ebb? Let’s play a guessing game. I will share with you some headlines I created based on events that happened in a period

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The Pride Charade

Big Brands Playing Chicken with Customers, Financiers The month of June is celebrated as pride month for the LGBTQ+ community. Corporations roll out the red carpet. Cities throw parades. But

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Trampling the Abrahamic Covenant

The Bloody Trail of  “Christian” Anti-Semitism THIRD IN A SERIES One of my early mentors, Ernie Reisinger, loved to read and study the writings of the old-school theologians, and also

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90 Years: SWRC Ever Looking Ahead

Southwest Radio Church of the Air began in April 1933, when Dr. E. F. Webber, pastor of a local church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, preached a prophetic message over local

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