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Sightings (DVD)

SKU: X1641


Demon Possession – Faces of Death – The Night Crawler – The Extraterresteialist

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The substance of the videos is based on their name…SIGHTINGS.

Video 1, I deal with the subject of people who are possessed by devils, including video clips of people acting in bizarre, unnatural ways, levitating while being possessed, and biblical accounts of those who were possessed.

Video 2 – I show various video clips as well as photographs of familiar spirits. These spirits are usually associated by people with those who have died and it is believed that these spirits are the souls of the dead. The Bible disproves that, but the various sightings of these spirits feature a pale, colorless face, with dark eyes, black lips, long black hair, etc.

video 3 – this video begins with sightings of pale-faced devils walking in a manner that is so bizarre it would be impossible for a human to mimick. We look at exactly what the Bible says about familiar spirits including the one who posed as the prophet Samuel and deceived King Saul.

Video 4 – I examine famous spirit apparitions such as Marian apparitions, the appearance of a spirit posing as Kathryn Kuhlman, and who fell for this deception, as well as others.