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The Cost of Revival – Robert Lindsted

SKU: B764


Is it possible for America to have revival?

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The Cost of Revival

Have you ever noticed how we often use words or phrases that we sometimes do not understand? We may use these phrases weekly or daily, yet their full significance doesn’t seem to penetrate our thinking until we stop and say, “What do these words really mean?” Some of these words are very important in terms of our growth and maturity, and “revival” is one of these words.

  • Is it possible for us to see revival in America?
  • Is it possible for us to see revival in our cities, and more importantly, among ourselves?
  • Why is it that whenever we study revival, we normally read stories that occurred hundreds of years ago in faraway lands?

This booklet shows that if God would send revival when Elijah stood completely alone, He can use you. It may be alone, at work, or at school when you will have to stand, but be faithful to God, and revival will come!