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The Grand Delusion – Pamela Holliday

SKU: H921


The Grand Delusion is Pamela Holliday’s story of how she escaped the New Age movement through the power of Jesus Christ.

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The Grand Delusion – Pamela Holliday

An Inside Look at Spiritual Power and Deception

After spending years in the New Aga and the occult, Pamela Holliday’s unplanned encounter with the power of God altered her course forever, leading her to a miraculous deliverance by the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. Now, Pamela takes us inside her journey from deep-rooted deception and shows what happens when the Kind of Kings steps onto the scene.

“Make no mistake, this is not a book about occult darkness. Instead, it is a powerful account of victory! These pages, brimming with scriptural understanding and insight, also offer hope to anyone with friends or family following a dark path. My prayer is that God will use this book in a mighty way for His glory! -Eric Barger