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The Power Elite: Their History and Future

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The history of the Power Elite goes back almost a thousand years. A useful starting point, though, for the historical outline of the modern Power Elite would be about 350 years ago with their political and economic activities, and their alteration of nations values to accept the Power Elite s control. A critical moment in their plan for global dominance occurred with the founding of the Illuminati in 1776. Not only did the Illuminati advocate the overthrow of monarchical authority, but religious authority as well. Dr. Cuddy covers the methods they have used to bring this about, including psychological conditioning and misdirection, and presents the Oklahoma City bombing as an example of that misdirection. He then takes an extensive look at how a bold new world is being shaped using coercive means to undermine national sovereignty and bring about a world socialist government. Dr. Cuddy also analyzes the role of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Power Elite s plan. Since the driving mechanism to bring about the plan s fulfillment is economics, he next reveals the looming economic disaster created to further the Power Elite s goals. This is followed by a look at the election of 2012, and the importance of President Obama s reelection as he moves the United States closer toward socialism. Finally, in Looking Backward, Dr. Cuddy projects into the future to see how the Power Elite s ultimate plan for a world socialist government was fulfilled